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The Role of Translation in Bringing the Business World Together

09 February 2021 / By ustranslation
A collection of people in a business meeting brought together through translation

The Role of Translation in Business World

As in any other realm, communication is essential for businesses in 2021. English is generally the “standard” spoken language in the business world, but that is not the case for all target markets. Having the ability to speak and communicate your product or service only in  English can make you lose potential customers to competitors, especially if you operate in multiple markets and target a number of audiences. It is not possible to know how to speak all languages, so you need to utilize translation as much as possible to tailor to these markets. With adequate translation, you can communicate effectively with your customers, whether it is an individual, group of people, or a business.

There are so many positive aspects of translation that make it an essential part of any business. Let’s look at the most important ones here.


If you intend to expand your business globally, you have to make it available to different customers in their respective languages. One of the ways you can make your business available to different people is by translating all product information into that language. Business translation as a service will ensure you communicate your business’ value and mission to every client by providing a properly translated version of documents and reports.

It is necessary to make every essential document available in different languages, especially when dealing with overseas clients. It gives you an advantage over competitors that only base their business in one language.

Check out big and successful businesses that attained global exposure; you will notice that they all made provision for international transactions. They did this by having a translation unit that made it easy for them to communicate with their clients from different countries.

Collaboration with Other Businesses

How best can we collaborate if we do not understand each other’s language? Effective collaboration can occur when there is a bridge between indigenous languages and businesses. The difference in languages should not stop businesses from collaborating as they can use business translation to pass their messages across.

Let’s take a German electronics company and a South American communication company. These two companies speak two different languages; Germans find it difficult to read and speak English, while South Americans might not understand German. It can be difficult for these two companies to reach a consensus, not even talk of transacting. But with the use of an excellent translation service, they will make the transactions and build a relationship.


Reputation Boost and Growth

One way translation will bring the business world together is by giving you a well-deserved international reputation. It is impossible to know how good your value proposition if someone else does not understand what your product or service does. Imagine a French man asked to review a Russian poem. How will he be able to give a good score, or any score for that matter? What if he had someone translate it to French and was asked to provide another review? Which review becomes genuine? That is precisely how your reputation is when you do not translate your product/service for other target markets.

Good translation service helps you build your reputation with clients, other businesses, and even government agencies. They will better understand your business and feel more inclined to consider you as a partner or provider. But if they do not understand clearly what you offer due to language restriction, they won’t be able to give you a try; sadly, any business development effort would result in no reputation gain in the process.

Why Hiring Professional Translation Services is Important for Your Business Growth

You might not understand the importance of business translation services until you fall prey to one. An example is when Pepsi encountered a branding issue when releasing its “Pepsi generation” campaign. Their slogan, “Help ’em come alive,” faced some translation misinterpretation in several countries. One of the countries they had issues with this was China, where the slogan translated, “bringing your dead ancestors back to life.” This misinterpretation caused a mishap and a significant drop in sales of Pepsi.

Similar misinterpretation also affected Nintendo, where Shigeru Miyamoto’s words got another translation. This mistake caused Nintendo to experience a global 2% drop in sales. If poor business translation could cause big companies this much trouble, then you should hire professional services providers. Professional business translation will help you grow your business internationally. They will also be there when you need them the most, providing you with urgent translations, multilingual services, simple document translations, website localization, official translation, etc.

Final word

Translation is very effective in bringing the business world together. It is also efficient in taking businesses to global heights, collaborating with other businesses, and ensuring a good reputation with clients and businesses. With an efficient translation service, the business world can become better and more connected.

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