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    Industry Specific Translation


    This is for business quotes only.
    For job applications go to CAREERS.

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      Content Translation

      When you choose U.S. Translation Company, your dedicated Project Manager will work with our network of 2000+ Professional Translators who are scored on every project to measure and maintain consistency. You can kick-off your project with confidence knowing that our translation services are performed in-market, by subject matter experts. And, due to our technology powered lean model, we are able to pass on efficiency savings to make your budgets work harder and stretch further.

      Quality is something we take very seriously at U.S. Translation. We pride ourselves on our translation services and have a 98% customer retention rate to prove it. It is our commitment to deliver the highest quality, and after delivery, we follow up on every project to ensure your satisfaction.

      Your translation partner

      At U.S. Translation we are not here to “just complete a translation project” for our customers. We view ourselves as partners. As such, we invest deeply in the projects we do for our clients knowing they greatly affect the image and future of the company. We provide flexible options to meet their budgets and timelines while ensuring it meets their desired results.

      Leverage our expertise and innovative language solutions to fit your desired budget.



      Web Translation Proxy enables you to reach your audience across the globe with minimal effort, time and resources. The advantages of utilizing these kind of translation services include:


      Your job requires you to send us the web pages you need translated. That’s it!


      There’s no need to build and host a separate site for each language, leaving your IT department to do what they do best.


      Our software enables us to make edits directly within the visual site QA environment, allowing us to fine-tune content in context.


      We keep an eye on your content and receive round the clock instant automated updates when you make changes to the original text.


      Need a single site translated? A thousand? We have your back.

      Words from our Clients

      U.S. Translation:
      Your Reliable Translation Service Provider

      When working with international partners or trying to reach foreign markets, U.S. Translation is the place to go.


      With 25 years of translation experience, U.S Translation is a specialized company that helps businesses reach new international clients and get distinguished in the global market. We have worked with many well-known companies around the globe and covered a wide area of fields in both translation and interpretation.

      Superb services

      We offer top quality translation services that improve your business efficiency. There is an abundance of services included, such as translation, interpretation, remote interpreting, press release translation, production, video voice-over, and captioning services. Whether your business deals with emails, documents, legal contracts, website content, employment contracts, videos or marketing materials we provide outstanding translated versions of all of them that will resound with your target audience.

      Increasing the number of International Clients

      U.S Translation Services serves as the bridge between you and your foreign clients. Our top-notch translations enhance communication and understanding in the world of business. We have a team of 2000+ professional translators who are experts in a variety of fields, more specifically the industries of engineering, medical, direct sales, technology and pharmaceutical.

      Our process is proven and effective.

      Learn more from our team
      about how it all works.

      Our process is proven and effective. Learn more from our team about how our translation services work.


      • Afrikaans
      • Amharic
      • Arabic
      • English
      • French
      • Igbo
      • Portuguese
      • Somali
      • Swahili
      • Yoruba
      • French (Canadian)
      • English
      • Haitian Creole
      • Navajo
      • Portuguese
      • Spanish
      • Bengali
      • Burmese
      • Cambodian
      • Chinese (Cantonese)
      • Chinese (Mandarin)
      • Farsi
      • Filipino (Tagalog)
      • Hindi
      • Hmong
      • Ilokano
      • Indonesian
      • Japanese
      • Javanese
      • Korean
      • Laotian
      • Malay
      • Marathi
      • Mongolian
      • Nepalese
      • Pashto
      • Punjabi
      • Russian
      • Tamil
      • Thai
      • Tibetan
      • Urdu
      • Vietnamese
      • Armenian
      • Farsi
      • Kazakh
      • Kyrghz
      • Tajik
      • Mongolian
      • Russian
      • Turkish
      • Turkmen
      • Uzbek
      • Yiddish
      • Albanian
      • Belarusian
      • Bosnian
      • Bulgarian
      • Croatian
      • Czech
      • Estonian
      • Hungarian
      • Latvian
      • Lithuanian
      • Macedonian
      • Moldavian
      • Polish
      • Romanian
      • Russian
      • Serbian
      • Slovakian
      • Slovenian
      • Turkish
      • Ukrainian
      • Yiddish
      • Danish
      • Dutch
      • English
      • Finnish
      • French
      • German
      • Greek
      • Icelandic
      • Irish (Gaelic)
      • Italian
      • Latin
      • Norwegian
      • Portuguese
      • Spanish
      • Swedish
      • Arabic
      • Aramaic
      • Armenian
      • Dari
      • Farsi (Persian)
      • Hebrew
      • Turkish
      • Yiddish

      Why do businesses need translation services?

      In today’s world of globalization exists the opportunity to expand your business into numerous foreign markets. To do so, finding a trusted and reliable translation service partner is paramount to assist in helping you succeed in those markets.

      Reaching a higher audience

      Companies are constantly seeking new clients from all over the world and the aim is to reach an international audience. To make this goal possible companies need the help of translation services, who provide professional translation in the appropriate business fields. Clients will be more eager to choose a company that has a more native look to them.

      Successful communication

      For better communication with foreign clients, companies need to provide services in a language that they understand. Translation services remove the language barrier between different communities by not only completing a simple translation but also taking into consideration the cultural aspect of the target language.

      Enhance your brand

      Building a powerful image in the global market is achieved by incorporating professional translation services. By presenting your content in a variety of languages, increases the number of people of different nationalities who can access your services and as a result your company gains credibility.