Web Translation Proxy enables you to reach your audience across the globe with minimal effort, time and resources. The advantages of utilizing this translation method include:

  1. Easy peasy. One click.
    As the buyer, your job requires you to send us the web pages you need translated. That’s it!
  2. Your IT department will love you.
    There’s no need to build and host a separate site for each language, leaving your IT department to do what they do best.
  3. In-Context translation.
    Our software enables us to make edits directly within the visual site QA environment, allowing us to fine-tune content in context.
  4. Continuous Delivery.
    We keep an eye on your content and receive round the clock instant automated updates when you make changes to the original text.
  5. Infinite scalability.
    Need a single site translated? A thousand? We have your back.

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