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If you’re doing business in other countries, with other linguistic groups, you should have your site available in the languages of those groups. If you don’t, you’re missing out. In fact, a multilingual website is an absolute necessity when localizing for any non-English-speaking market.

  • English speakers are a small percentage of your potential market.
  • Potential customers are far more likely to engage and purchase if they can interact in their native tongue.
  • The majority of Fortune 500 companies offer several language options on their sites.
  • Even if you’re not doing business in the US, you have millions of US customers who speak a first language other than English.

Plus, the U.S. Translation Company website translation service is so easy!

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With the U.S. Translation Company website translation system, you don’t need to:

  •  Extract or upload text for translation
  • Host multiple versions of your website
  • Use hours of your IT team’s time
  • Record content changes
  • Worry about updating

What this means for you:

  • You don’t do anything to your site
  • We translate it into as many languages as you like
  • We give your IT team some code snippets
  • Your IT people activates the foreign language versions of your site
  • It takes them a couple of minutes
  • All language versions update in real time
  • You make changes in the English. They appear instantly on all language versions
My website translated? Yes, please!

Getting technical about website translation.

Warning: this part may make your eyes glaze over. If you want your website translated quickly and cheaply, and you don’t care how it’s done, request a free quote and read no further. If your geeky self wants to delve deeper, forge ahead.

Websites are not mere HTML files. Most now use a CMS.

Content management systems (CMS) allow a novice to manage a site and all its content. They also generate bloated file systems. Layers of PHP / CSS / JS files in stacked hierarchies. The profusion of files makes for hard quoting. First, a translation firm must extract all the content. Then perform a character count through all of the files. Both of these steps take a lot of time. Finally, the firm can prepare a quote. U.S. Translation Company’s website translation software can read an entire website, searching the file layers and extracting exact data for character count, file count, and more. Near-instantaneous quoting.

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After the quote, the actual website translation.

U.S. Translation Company can begin translating your website immediately. Whether you need a high-tech translation, a fast translation, or some combination of the two, we will translate and localize your website with the optimal service.

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Website proxy hosting with U.S. Translation Company.

As if rapid quoting and easy translation were not enough, U.S. Translation Company’s proxy hosting solution takes website translation to another level entirely. In the past, when a company maintained multiple language versions of its website, it would be forced to update each site separately. Update styles separately whenever they changed the site aesthetic. Update content separately, including separate translators for each site. And so forth. The U.S. Translation Company proxy solution will automatically generate the foreign language versions of your site anew. New template? Change it on your English site, and watch the Mandarin, the Spanish, the German, and all the rest change to the updated look. Add a blog post, and it appears across all the versions. This amounts to a huge cost and time savings for our client.

What sorcery is this? I want in!

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