Get everyone on the same team.

Got multiple localization teams operating independently? Costs can easily spiral. Without centralized, organized data, you struggle with making the best decisions to optimize your company’s localization efforts. Now, with the U.S. Translation Company translation management portal, all projects across your organization live in one place.

Knowledge is power.

Log in and instantly see the status of each translation project, no matter who is managing it. You’ll know exactly what you’re spending on translation and what you’re getting in return. You’ll be able to please your overseers with company-wide cost reporting on all localization teams. Armed with this data, you can make better decisions to improve your bottom line. And demonstrate your awesome ROI to the accounting department.

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Increase bandwith through standardization.

With the increased efficiency provided by our translation management system, your organization will experience an enhanced localization capacity. By standardizing and centralizing your localization efforts, existing teams will perform better. Meaning that ROI per employee will go up. It’s a function of economies of scale. And of having the right tools.

Your command center.

No more emails landing in spam folders or getting swallowed by some black cyberhole. The translation project management system implements email redundancy. When you initiate a communication through your project dashboard, the system emails your U.S. Translation Company project manager and retains the communication in the system dashboard (which the PM checks many times per day). What’s more, you can initiate quote requests. And approve or deny them at the click of a button. The translation management software tracks and documents all phases of a project, and retains all associated documentation. You can upload source documents with no file size limitations, download finalized documents directly from your dashboard, and upload additional documents at any time (the translation management system notifies your U.S. Translation Company project manager instantly).

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The best part? It’s absolutely free to our clients.

That’s right. The U.S. Translation Company translation management system costs you absolutely nothing. Consider that many organizations spend exorbitantly to develop proprietary project management systems, unaware that a superior product is available. We have it. And, because we’re all about giving ultimate value to our customers, we want you to use it. It’s not a profit center for us; it’s a way for us to take care of you.

We won’t hold you hostage.

You’ll have 24/7 access to all completed translations since the beginning of time. What’s more, you own all of your translation memories. In the unlikely event you decide to move on from U.S. Translation Company, starting somewhere else will be seamless and painless. Our translation management portal allows your complete access to all of your translation memories. You can download them as often as you like, and do whatever you want with them.

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