Translation Savings to smile about

At U.S. Translation Company, we believe it’s our duty to look out for our clients. That’s why we implement tools and technologies that make translation more efficient than ever before. What’s more, we pass those savings on to you.

Maintaining translation quality

Even though U.S. Translation Company is obsessed with saving you time and money, we would never compromise quality to do so. For us, translation quality has always been paramount. Our clients, most of whom operate in highly technical, high-liability sectors, appreciate this. After all, what’s the point of saving a few bucks when you have to explain some embarrassing mistranslation to a customer or to your boss?

I like the idea of saving $$!

Client Review

– In order to maintain an edge in a global economy, communication is key. We rely on US Translation to provide technical, localized language solutions to meet our clients' needs. We are extremely satisfied with the results and would recommend them to anyone doing business in international markets.

Engines of translation efficiency

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) software allows U.S. Translation Company to offer a more accurate, lower-cost, and faster translation to our clients. While we tend to be careful about using raw machine translation—it’s typically only suitable for internal use applications with a higher error tolerance and a lower budget—computer-assisted translation allows a human and machine to work together. The result? The best of both worlds.

As Austin Becker discusses in his “Not Your Grandfather’s Translation” post, CAT tools harness the power of translation memory to maintain consistent terminology through successive translations (ergo, greater accuracy). It also saves the translator a lot of time.

The magic of repetition

Each industry has its own terminology. Inside of that, each company has its distinct preferred terminology. As a result, a company will have a certain translation signature, if you will: a syntactical and grammatical profile accompanied by a recognizable vocabulary. Here’s where the magic happens: with each successive translation, the CAT software draws upon past translations. The more translations, the more it can begin to recognize patterns and auto populate the translated text ahead of the translator (don’t worry, she still checks it carefully!).

Word repetitions, in particular, lend to speed. Once a translator has established a preferred translation for a source word, the system auto-translates every subsequent appearance of the term. As a result, U.S. Translation Company can offer a significant discount for word repetitions. Word repetitions increase as a percentage of text with each translation. The more translations, the more words that are bound to repeat. It’s simple math!

With U.S. Translation Company, the more you translate, the more you save!

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