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If your manufacturing sector presents low tolerance for error and high liability, you don’t want to risk a sub-par translation service. U.S. Translation Company excels in translation for highly technical manufacturing verticals. Schematics and other engineering-related materials. Material safety data sheets. Product manuals. Whatever else your localization and globalization operations require.

No matter your role

Whether you’re an engineer or a project manager, you’ll be grateful for US Translation Company’s technical translation expertise. If your company manufactures for government—federal, state, local, or any of the various government agencies—you’ll appreciate that government contracts are one of our core competencies. If you’re a compliance officer, you’ll be glad to know that we have experience in compliance and regulatory issues specific to the manufacturing sector. Tasked with procurement and supply chain management? Charged with documentation? We’ve got you covered. Localization director? Global sales strategist? In charge of communications and marketing for your firm? No worries. U.S. Translation Company offers manufacturing and engineering firms a range of options: raw machine translation for internal use at a steeply discounted rate; post-edited machine translation; and, of course, our signature full-on human translation with complete desktop publishing and thorough quality assurance review! As if that weren’t enough, our translation project management portal helps you streamline your localization operations, and it’s absolutely free to you!

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To translate or not to translate?

Imagine you are having a material safety data sheet translated into Somali (naturally, you need a translator who is fluent in both English and Somali). The translator encounters industry-specific jargon. Terms like immiscible and polymeric and delustered assail the poor translator’s brain. There may be a Somali equivalent for respirator, but is there one for styrene?

Only a materials science expert will know…

If your English-Somali translator happens to be intimately familiar with the vocabulary of engineering and materials science, she will have no problem deciding if the Somali equivalent for toxicsun, is sufficiently accurate or whether she should insert further explanation. She will instantly know that beta-ketopropane is not translatable, and that leaving the term in its original is the obvious choice. Having a technical translator proficient in the field is indispensable!

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A few of U.S. Translation Company’s specializations:

Technical marketing material. Motion control systems. Parts lists. Service agreements. Troubleshooting guides. E-learning. Petroleum. Functional specifications. Patent documentation. Prototyping. Technical bids. CAD drawings. MSDS sheets. VAR programs. Warning labels. Metallurgy. Regulatory documentation. Spreadsheets. Bills of material. Contracts. Procurement documentation. E-learning modules. Press releases. Legal and liability documents. Terms and conditions. Heavy equipment. Correspondence. Environmental engineering. Aerospace manufacturing. Mechanical engineering. Packaging. White sheets. DFARS. Optical products. Assembly instructions. Schematics. Chemical translation. Electrical equipment. Warranty books. Proposals. Robotics. Video files. Engineering specifications. Service bulletins. CNC instructions. Modeling software. Industry publications. Nuclear energy. Infrastructure. Product catalogs. Employee handbooks. Industrial design documents. Structural specifications. Pass-through regulatory compliance.  Electrical engineering. Marketing materialsSupply chain documentation. Industry standards.  Public relations. Installation guides. Oil & gas. SOPs. Composites. Test and measurement equipment. Minerals. Legal documentation. Assembly instructions. Catalogs. AutoCAD translation. Users manuals. Health and safety manuals. Instrumentation. Interfaces. FAR. Equipment labels. Excel data. Bid specifications. Diagrams. Requests for proposal. Civil engineering blueprints. Human resources documentation. Machinery manuals. Chemical engineering. Marketing materials. Environmental impact briefs. User interfaces. Maintenance instructions. Proposals. Mining. Newsletters. Warranties. PR. Nuclear power. Pass-through. Safety decals. Reference manuals. Technical translation. Data sheets. Industrial equipment. Compliance documentation.

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