Does sector-specific technical expertise matter?

Yes. It’s hard to translate something if you don’t understand the terminology. Sure, you could look words up, but you still face two challenges. Firstly, a translator won’t translate very quickly by looking in a dictionary every minute or so. Secondly, a technical definition won’t provide all-important context for a term. The solution? Hire an industry expert linguist for your scientific & technical translation. You’ll thank yourself for doing so.

professional expertise necessary

Don’t let an unlicensed surgeon operate on you. Similarly, don’t let a non-technical translator handle your medical device documentation, your aerospace protocols, nor other scientific & technical translations.

About scientific & technical translation

As we discussed in a recent blog post, “Technical Translation, Technical Communication,” scientific & technical translations have several characteristics that set them apart from, well, non-technical translation. Granted, the lines can get a bit blurry.

Nobody, however, can deny that translating the clinical trials of a new pharmaceutical compound requires a higher level of domain expertise than translating a television sitcom script. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing the latter. It’s just that anyone with cultural knowledge and bilingual fluency could do it. Not so with the drug research text. Put a run-of-the-mill translator on that and, well, good luck.

I need a good technical translator!

the right touch

At U.S. Translation Company, scientific & technical translation is what we do. We serve life sciences firms, manufacturers, government contractors, and governments. Our clients are in dental manufacturing, environmental engineering, electronics, mining, defense manufacturing, diagnostics, and a host of other subsectors. They all have one thing in common. Specialized domains with specialized jargon and insider vocabularies.

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Scientific & technical translators make the difference

U.S. Translation Company vets our scientific & technical translators carefully. Not only must they have bilingual fluency in the relevant language pairs, they must have extensive experience in a given industrial sector. Many of these translators have years of experience working in their industry. Others have professional degrees. Or industry certifications. Or other markers of technical expertise. The point being, these folks know their subject matter.

What’s more, U.S. Translation Company project managers use sophisticated vendor software to match the ideal translator to your scientific or technical translation project. We screen by language pair, industry, and other key factors. You end up with the perfect translator. For your future translation projects—barring the unforeseeable—we use the same translator. You get consistency and peace of mind.

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Elephants aren’t the only ones with great memories

As Austin Becker explains in his blog post, “Not Your Grandfather’s Translation,” U.S. Translation Company utilizes a host of translation management tools to save clients time and money while increasing quality. For example, our computer-assisted-translation (CAT) system stores your translation memories. Because your  current technical and scientific translation is likely to be similar to past texts, the software retains the memory of how the translator rendered specific terms. Under the oversight of the translator, the software auto-fills all of the technical terms that are stored in its machine-learning database. This saves considerable time. We pass the savings on to you, discounting word repetitions. Because of the power of CAT and accumulated translation memory, you save more with each successive translation project.

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