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Localization managers loves U.S. Translation Company. That’s because we focus on a narrow group of industries with deep knowledge of their specific issues. For example, imagine that you, the localization manager, are tasked with opening a B2B sales operation in Lagos. For a manufacturer of industrial chemicals. Do you want an all-purpose translation agency with no particular knowledge of manufacturing, localization or chemicals? Or would you prefer U.S. Translation Company, with our twenty-year record of helping companies just like yours localize their offerings?

Or, let’s say you’re persuading a consortium of Turkish surgeons to recommend your composite hip replacement. Your ability to penetrate the Turkish healthcare market hinges on this presentation. You have zero room for error. Your brochures, slides, website and other touchpoints must read flawlessly in native Turkish. With expert attention to the technical details of biomedical engineering. The vocabulary of materials science. The vernacular of the medical profession. Don’t worry. When it comes to medical translations, U.S. Translation Company operates with surgical precision.

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