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– ELITechgroup Inc. has been using U.S. Translation Company for a number of years to translate an extensive array of documents for our international medical and scientific products business. Ranging from highly technical medical and scientific instrument user manuals to advertising documents, U.S. Translation Company has always delivered excellent, accurate results, and their customer service is always responsive and great to work with.

The life sciences bring specific translation challenges.

Good thing US Translation just happens to specialize in biomedical translation! From prosthetics to pharma, biotech to dentistry, we’ve got translators with extensive experience in all life sciences subsectors.  Targeting your sleep apnea treatment to clinics in rural Umbria? Attempting to penetrate the Bangladeshi market with your breast cancer drug? U.S. Translation Company will ensure that your communication and delivery are culturally relevant and personally impactful. Your target demographic will consume your message, made native for them. With all of the technical details preserved intact. That’s the way we approach translation and localization. Whether you are a biomedical engineer, a pharmaceutical compliance specialist, an R & D project manager, a procurement agent for a medical devices company, or a documentation director, you’ll appreciate the industry expertise, the white glove service, and the flexibility that has earned U.S. Translation Company so much recognition. And don’t forget to check out our revolutionary website translation and proxy hosting service; it gives you multiple language versions of your site for less trouble —and less money— than you ever imagined!

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U.S. Translation Company. Expert language services in medical and healthcare verticals. The following are a few of our specialties.

Biomedical data. Dental equipment. Pharmaceutical research. Medical device manuals. PR. Healthcare data. Alzheimer’s research. Genetic data. Biotechnology. Optometry. Research subjects. Regulatory documentation. Bioinformatics. Requests for proposal. Material Safety Data Sheets. User interfaces. Publications. Equipment manuals. Schematics. Laboratory signage. Medical liability. Parts lists. Video files. Warranty books. Biotech patents. Legal documentation. Marketing materials. Pharmaceutical manufacturing. White sheets. Spreadsheets. Bills of material. Contracts. WebsitesMedical research. Clinical trials. Technical marketing material. Biomedical engineering. LASIK surgery. Scientific papers. Dental procedures. MSDS sheets. Privacy statements. Patient tracking. Insurance documentation. Medical texts. Pharmaceutical terminology. Biomedical patents. Research procedures. Genomics. Anesthesiology. Surgical procedures. Disclaimers. Biotech research. Audiology. Experimental protocols. HTML. Medical applications. Press releases. Warning labels. Instructional designs. Compliance. Terms and conditions. Marketing. Informed consent forms. Manufacturing of medical devices. Research abstracts. Health and safety manuals. Legal disputes. Disclaimers. Blueprints. Safety decals. International regulations. Pharmaceutical liability. Clinical studies. Laboratory equipment. Genetic mapping. Orthopedic literature. Employee handbooks. Patient privacy. Medical NGOs. Transplant literature. Product catalogs. Excel data. Test and measurement equipment. Orthodontics. Clinical data. Medical insurance. Public relations. Lab procedures. Parts lists. Clinical reports. Procurement. Drug labels. Research papers. Medical data. Legal briefs. Public relations. Pharmaceutical advertising. Diabetes research. Genetic engineering. Prosthetics.

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