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– U.S. Translation Company is wonderful to work with. We had a few last minute added languages to our event and Giovanna worked what I thought were miracles for us. The translators along with the technician were on time, very professional and they did a great job. I would encourage anyone who wants to have the worry and stress of translation removed from their "to do list" to use U.S. Translation Company.

interpretation equipment

Transmitters broadcast the interpreter’s voice to receivers via FM radio signal or infrared plates.

Receivers take a signal from the transmitters, allowing listeners to hear the interpreter. Like transmitters, receivers typically work with FM radio waves or infrared technology.

FM receivers can accommodate multiple channels and the signal penetrates walls. Infrared signals are confined to the room in which strategic infrared plates are set up.

Interpreters work from interpretation booths. Fully sound proof booths keep interpreters enclosed and avoid distracting audience members. Table top booths won’t keep an interpreter’s voice confined, but still provide an excellent work space.

Interpreter control units receive the live feed from the speaker and send an interpreter’s voice to a transmitter for broadcast to the audience. They allow the user to manage information being transmitted, control volume, and toggle between multiple interpreters.

Mic headsets allow the interpreter to hear the live feed from the main speaker through the headphones, while speaking into the mic which is plugged into the interpreter control unit.

Transport cases protect equipment with a padded interior.

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