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It’s not your fault that you’re not geared up to provide simultaneous interpretation for a giant convention. You’re geared up to do what you do. We’re geared up to do what we do. We’ve got interpretation equipment and the best simultaneous interpreters in the business. And, if you need a hand —and the event is large enough to warrant it— one of our superstar project managers can be onsite to coordinate our end of things. We provide top-to-bottom language interpretation solutions for some of the biggest corporate events around. We educate folks about what types of interpretation equipment they’ll need for a multilingual conference. So, if you need a reliable interpretation partner, and another revenue source, you’re going to want to get hold of us pronto. It’s a no-brainer!

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Naturally, if you’d like to rent interpretation equipment only…

That’s right: even though many audiovisual contractors prefer to hire us for our comprehensive simultaneous interpretation services, there are a few who want to handle it themselves. With one small glitch: they don’t have the equipment, and don’t want to shell out a bundle to own it, store it, maintain it and all the rest. That’s why we have our simultaneous interpretation equipment rental program. Get it touch today for pricing and details!

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