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USTC offers an extensive selection of full-range interpretation equipment for rentals and sale. Our equipment inventory is state of the art and provides high quality sound for interpretation events of all sizes.  We offer a variety of pricing options to meet your event needs, and our team will handle the transport, set up, and breakdown of all equipment. Reach out to one of our interpretation experts to get a free quote.


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Interpretation Booths

Portable soundproof booths feature a fully enclosed environment allowing for high quality sound and external noise reduction. These state-of-the-art booths allow for optimal interpretation conditions, while providing a comfortable environment for the interpreters.

interpretation equipment transmitter

Tabletop Booths

These booths provide ample noise reduction while ensuring a controlled recording environment. While they are not fully enclosed, they allow for a budget friendly pricing with high portability and a quick and easy setup.

interpretation equipment table top booths


FM Transmitters are used to broadcast interpretation via a variety of options including low frequency FM radio signals and infrared modes. These provide the direct connection between the interpreter consoles and the audience’s receivers, allowing a connection range of more than 2,000 ft.

interpretation equipment receivers

Interpreter Control Units

These specialized units connect the live presentation feed to the interpreter. As the primary control board for the interpreters, these units allow the interpreter to control who is speaking to the audience and regulate their audio feeds. Additionally, the interpreter control units (ICU’s) provide a variety of outputs to send to various sources for in-person and hybrid broadcasts.

interpretation equipment fm receivers

FM Receivers

Using lower FM frequencies, these individual receivers connect the interpreters to the audience. Using headphones, the audience can hear the interpretation clearly and effortlessly. This short-range communication network ensures high-quality sound while keeping the broadcast frequencies within a closed environment. This ensures for clear interpretation, zero delay in transmission and high interaction.

interpretation equipment control units

Two-way Receivers

These bi-directional receivers allow for quick and easy communication between presenters and the audience. Similar to speaking into a cell phone, these units allow audience members to speak directly to presenters identical to a tour guide setup. They are highly portable and designed for many environments and situations.

interpretation equipment mic headsets

Mic Headsets

These high-quality headsets allow the interpreters to clearly hear the presenter and interpret the presentation directly through the Interpreter Control Unit. Our high-fidelity microphones provide crips audio quality and low latency sound for both interpreters and the audience.

interpretation equipment transporter cases

Equipment Technician

U.S. Translation Company provides an onsite equipment technician for your events. Our experienced technicians will deliver and set up all interpretation equipment prior to the event and provide technical and customer support during the event. Once the event is completed, our team will break down the equipment and ship it back to our warehouse.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment


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The interpretation equipment technician operates behind the scenes. Or sometimes in front of them. U.S. Translation Company project managers normally provide a technician for every 3-4 simultaneous interpreters. These electronics wizards set up all the interpretation equipment prior to the event. During the interpretation process, they scurry from booth to booth, checking on the functionality and making the appropriate adjustments. Post-event, they’re left to tear down the interpretation equipment and stuff it back in its cases for return to the U.S. Translation Company facility.

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This is for business quotes only.
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