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Our cloud interpreting platform for any kind of event or meeting, any time, and anywhere.

Have your online meetings and events interpreted remotely, with 100% accuracy and convenience.

Perfect for ZOOM, WEBEX, and TEAMS

Have an online event or meeting that requires remote interpreting during Covid-19?

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What is InterpretCloud?

InterpretCloud is a remote simultaneous interpreting platform that allows interpreters to provide interpreting services remotely, and those needing interpreting services to connect via a web browser, mobile app, or phone call.

Live interpretation has recently made revolutionary strides that slash the cost of delivering your live event in multiple languages. Remote simultaneous interpretation allows you to receive real-time interpreting assistance for your event from professional interpreters who provide remote interpreting from their own home, eliminating many costly factors:

  • No Per-Diem
  • No travel or hotel expenses
  • No booth costs
  • No equipment rentals
  • No distractions

What is remote simultaneous interpreting? Find out more here.

remote Interpreting languages

Significantly more

Professional Conference

Delivered through
our Cloud tool

No booths
or headsets

Zero carbon

What makes InterpretCloud Better?

  • Connect Anywhere. Customers can connect via the web, mobile app, FM system
  • Works even without internet. If internet isn’t available, you can dial in using a phone to hear the interpretation.
  • Secure: All web conferences happen over a secure network protected by end-to-end encryption
  • Easy to use. Amazing quality.
  • No data saved on our end. We do not store any of your information, including your email.
  • Full control over meeting. Microphones can be set to automatically mute when attendees join the event. Chat can be enabled or disabled. Only hosts can screenshare.

Words from our Clients

Video Remote Interpreting in 100+ languages

remote interpreting app slides
remote interpreting dial in
remote interpreting meeting

How can you connect to InterpretCloud?

We provide a link for customers to connect with interpreters online.

Customers can download the mobile app and put in the meeting code.

If needed, customers can dial in on a phone to hear the interpreters.

If attendees are on-site, but interpreters are located remotely, an FM system can be connected to our remote platform and attendees can connect as they usually would with FM headsets.

InterpretCloud. A cloud solution for remote interpreting any type of online meeting, at any time, and anywhere.

InterpretCloud’s video remote interpreting services are tailored to any type of event format or size. We source the best of U.S. Translation Interpreters for your digital event. Our team is experienced in a wide range of industries and disciplines, so we know how to provide a seamless experience for all of your participants.

Case Study:

How InterpretCloud helped Younique reduce its interpreting and captioning costs by over 60%.

remote interpreting younique
remote interpreting younique

Recently valued at over $1 billion dollars, Younique is one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies. With over $400 million in sales in 2018, Younique sells its products in multiple countries around the globe. Each year, attendees at Younique’s Global Convention access interpreting in 4 different languages and require all keynote and workshops to be translated simultaneously.

Main concern
Younique wanted to reduce their interpreting costs for this event. Bringing in a total of 10 interpreters providing translation in 4 different languages would involve expenses for flights, hotels, per diem, and daily rates. However, they wanted specific interpreters to cover this event because of their familiarity with the subject matter and vocabulary.

We were able to schedule Younique’s preferred interpreters for all of the languages requested; French, Spanish,  Korean, and ASL. We trained each of the interpreters on our platform and did test calls and dry runs with each interpreter to ensure there were no difficulties on the weekend of the convention. The cost of training and 24/7 live tech support for all interpreters using our system is included when using our platform.

We also provided Younique’s attendees with top quality live captioning with over 99% accuracy.