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With our political translation services, you will make your constituents feel heard and seen.

Why Does Political Translation Matter?

Today, the United States electoral landscape is more diverse than ever. Recognizing the mixed cultural backgrounds in US society, as of 2006, the federal legislation extended the minority language provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But beyond its legal necessity, politicians are increasingly translating their campaigns. Here is why their political translation is a worthy investment:

Inclusive campaignsustc

When you translate your political campaign, you highlight your commitment to understanding and valuing the diverse voices of your electorate. In return, voters feel acknowledged and respected for being involved in the democratic process.

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Translating the political campaign into the native language of your electoral base establishes two-way communication with your voters. Respecting the cultural identities of your constituents, you boost engagement, drawing support from broader, more diverse voter bases.

Competitive edge immigration translation services

In the competitive political playing field, speaking the language of your constituents signals you as a forward-thinking, inclusive politician. As such, translation turns you into a candidate who understands, addresses, and includes all community members, regardless of their language background.

Our Political Translation Services

Translated Election Materials

Our political translations are available in 18 languages, ensuring your electorate feels included in the democratic process. The dedicated team in your service will translate all your election materials, including an improved Vote-by-Mail (VBM) ballot, E-Sample ballots, and Interactive Sample ballots. Upon request, voters can receive a translated sample ballot booklet, which includes crucial information such as candidate details, measure explanations, nearby vote center locations, and instructions on requesting a vote-by-mail ballot. To make no mistake in exercising their democratic right, voters can receive a postcard in their native language with guidance on using voting devices.

Bilingual Assistance at Vote Centers

We provide on-the-ground bilingual translation during the voting process. Our translators will be present at the voting centers to assist your constituents in real-time. The in-person assistance during the decision day reflects dedication and commitment to your voters. Your electorate will be empowered to exercise their democratic rights confidently and comfortably.

Bilingual Assistance Hotline

If translating all election materials is not viable for you, we offer a toll-free hotline through which voters can request political campaign materials in their native language. Furthermore, the hotline provides invaluable assistance with locating vote centers, obtaining bilingual voter registration cards, and accessing translated vote-by-mail applications and sample ballot booklets. This service guarantees election information and help is just a call away.

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We provide expert political translation in:

  • Armenian
  • Bengali
  • Burmese
  • Chinese
  • Farsi
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Khmer/Cambodian
  • Korean
  • Mongolian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog/Filipino
  • Telugu
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

Our Process

With years of experience, US Translation streamlined its process, optimizing speed without compromising quality. Here is how we do it:

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Initial Consultation

We kick off our collaboration with a meeting in which we discuss your needs. Here, we establish our translation goals, ensuring they match your content’s essence, target demographic, and any directions you prefer.

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Selection of Specialist Translators

We match your project with political translators whose expertise aligns with your specific needs. We will have a team of translators for the various languages you need, ensuring translation is consistent in every language.

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Translation and Review

Our team translates your campaign materials, maintaining the original meaning, tone, and context. After we translate the materials, a linguistic expert reviews them to guarantee precision, clarity, and consistency.

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Rigorous Quality Control

The translation process is not finalized without passing through our specialized quality assurance team. They examine the translation, scanning for any errors or inconsistencies.

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Collaborative Review Process

After the translated text reaches its final draft, we seek your feedback to refine and perfect it.


Timely Final Delivery

Incorporating your feedback, we finalize the translated document, format it and prepare for your intended use.


Continued Post-Delivery Support

Our relationship with clients extends beyond project completion. We remain at your disposal for further inquiries or assistance, committed to your continued success and satisfaction.

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What are political translation services?

Political translation services emphasize the linguistic and cultural translation of election-related materials. These services ensure that political campaigns and election processes are accessible to voters of diverse linguistic backgrounds.

How can I get started with political translation services for my campaign?

US Translation has a dedicated team translating political materials into 18 languages. Contact us now to access our services, and we will tailor our services to ensure your campaign messages are communicated in your constituents’ native languages.

Why should I translate my election materials?

The United States has a culturally and linguistically diverse electoral landscape. As a politician, you need to reach and engage every voter. Our translation services ensure voters with limited English proficiency understand your platform, engage with your campaign, and make informed decisions at voting centers.

How quickly can political translation services be implemented?

Our translation services reflect the fast-paced nature of political campaigns. While the speed of translation depends on the scope of the project and the volume of materials, we guarantee to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.

Do your political translation services handle all types of campaign materials?

Yes, we provide comprehensive political translation covering a range of online and offline materials, such as brochures, speeches, websites, voting instructions, sample ballots, and legal documents.


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