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Pittsburgh Translation Services

Are you looking for professional translation services for your business in Pittsburgh? What about interpreting and localization solutions? Our team of culturally-sensitive, world-class language professionals works with every single language. If you are a Pittsburgh-based business and you’ve been searching for a translation company, call us today – we’re available 24/7.


Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Translation Services

The U.S. Translation company has been providing high-quality services for 25 years now, and they are proud of the work that it does in different industries across Pittsburgh, PA. They offer reliable translation services to customers who need them regardless of their needs or budget considerations--they'll find a way to meet your requirements! With our translation services, your international audience becomes more engaged in what you have to say. Our team of native speakers ensure that when they speak other languages, their words are coherent and consistent with the message conveyed by English-speaking audiences.

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Multilingual Translation Service Pittsburgh, PA

Do you need multilingual translation services? Our certified translators are here to help take advantage of economic opportunities in this culturally diverse city and beyond. Companies can trust our experts, who speak your language fluently, to translate the content into any other target languages that they prefer. We’re the leading Translation Services Company for businesses in Pittsburgh  – no industry is difficult for us!


How can you be sure that your translation is accurate? Here at U.S. Translation, our team of translators are subject matter experts in a variety of industries ranging from medical to finance and more. Our translators stay current with industry news, so they know what’s trending. Which means when it comes time for the final product, we will have provided an all-round translation relevant to your needs!


Our Pittsburgh translation services include interpretation and translation services for more than 100 languages. These languages are:


  • Americas: French (Canadian), English, Haitian, Creole Navajo, Portuguese, and Spanish among others.
  • Asia: Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Punjabi, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and 30+ others.
  • Africa: Igbo, Swahili, Yoruba, Afrikaans, and 20+ others.
  • Eastern Europe: Albanian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, and 30+ others.
  • Western Europe: Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, and 20+ others.
  • Middle East: Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Turkish, and 10+ others.
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eLearning Localization

For a translation company committed to accurate translations, contact our Pittsburgh experts, the leading providers of eLearning localization services. We offer expert assistance in educating employees or students with high-quality content that is translated into different languages from all over the world. From English to Spanish and Arabic, we have you covered!


We are proud to be industry leaders for companies in Pittsburgh,  translation services by eliminating cultural nuances that often go unnoticed. We have an abundance of experience with language localization for multilingual eLearning environments, and we want you to trust our expertise when it comes time for your company’s needs!

Interpretation Services

A virtual event is a great way to reach out across the world and share your company’s ideas with an international audience. However, it can’t be done without interpreters who are fluent in both languages. Hiring our Interpretation Services ensures that you get a reliable interpretation for all your needs! We are here to guide you on the best interpretation method for your event. We offer translation equipment rental services in partnership with InterpretCloud so that even virtual meetings can be taken to another level!


Our Pittsburgh interpretation services provide among others:

Simultaneous interpretation

Whether you’re looking for a physical or virtual service, we have the skills to offer real-time interpretation in any language combinations. We can do this because of our high-end technology and well-trained staff.

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Skilled in person interpretation

Our in-person interpretation services make it so that your multilingual audience won’t miss anything. Our expert interpreters are knowledgeable of various language combinations, and they use in person interpretation to convey messages quickly from one point of origin to an intended target destination.

Over-the-phone interpretation

U.S Translation is a reliable over the phone interpretation service that can be accessed whenever and wherever you need it. Our technology platform offers interpreters in 100 different languages, so if your client speaks another language than English or Spanish then we have someone who will translate for them 24/7! If time is of issue when meeting with an international client our interprets are able to help by speaking both parties’ native tongue through telephone conversations.

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If you are planning a virtual multilingual meeting, we will help you host it on our simultaneous interpreting tool- InterpretCloud. This reliable and top-quality tool will help you make your online marketing event multilingual seamlessly and in real-time. It is easy to integrate InterpretCloud with your online conferencing platform for optimal functionality and time-saving.

Website Translation

With over 100 languages available, our translation services will help you reach out to the global market. We target culture and language through translating text or graphics in a way that is culturally relevant while still maintaining your original intent. Our Pittsburgh, PA service guarantees an enhanced user experience for increased traffic on your website with higher conversions rates!


The importance of linguistic accuracy cannot be overstated to ensure the quality and consistency of your brand message. Our website translation services for businesses in Pittsburgh are agile, with experts ensuring that we translate your messages for relevance purposes, so they do not lose meaning. We also provide automation technology that will save you time and money when it comes to future updates on our site!

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Personal websites

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Community building websites

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Personal blogs

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eCommerce websites

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Informational websites

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Landing pages

U.S. Translation can help you automate future website translations and updates, eliminating lengthy and expensive translation processes in the future. That is how you ensure that your foreign language websites and the source language website never fall out of sync with new updates. Our agile website translation services Pittsburgh are anchored on simplicity and scalability, giving you the best value for money and time. If your website is hosted by a 3rd party CMS system like WordPress, we have a versatile proxy technology that we use to seamlessly translate within the CMS.


Translate your web content directly into the site’s source code (PHP, HTML, XML, etc.)


Localize images, videos, graphics, PDFs, and other multimedia content to make it geographically relatable to your international target audience.


Translate within WordPress or any other CMS that manages your website.

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Translation Services
for businesses in Pittsburgh

It is our job at U.S. Translation to make sure that no small errors slip through the cracks and cause long legal battles with your document translations because we strive for high-quality, highly professional documents in all languages. We keep cultural sensitivity in mind when translating back into the target language so you can rest easy knowing you are getting a perfect translation every time!


We have the language skills, expertise, and experience to help your business succeed. We can translate any document from Portuguese or Navajo into French (Canadian), or whatever other language of your choice, within 24 hours for you! We take pride in our ability to provide quality translations of documents from multiple languages – all at a competitive price point with quick turnaround times that ensure timely delivery every time.

Why U.S. Translations Pittsburgh, PA?

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Translating for almost 30 years for companies in Pittsburgh, PA is just one of the reasons why we’re industry pacesetters. Besides boasting a huge portfolio of satisfied clients, here are other benefits to choosing us as your translation company partner:


  • We provide 24/7 support for all our services, always here to lend a hand.
  • We combine the best of both worlds–technology and human translation, to deliver our services in record time.
  • Be it a simple translation project or for more extensive ones, our robust technology is capable of handling them all with the best quality.
  • We are unmatched when it comes to confidentiality. We guarantee your privacy, and we protect all the documents you bring in with us, so you know they’re safe here!
  • Our subject matter experts each have a unique point of view on various industries and are eager to share their expertise with you.