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Over-the-Phone (OPI) and
Video Interpretation (VRI) Services

U.S. Translation is a recognized leader in on-demand over-the-phone and video interpretation services. We have provided Over-the-Phone and Video Interpretation services to hundreds of companies and organizations in the U.S.


Do you need an over-the-phone or on video interpretation service? Connect with one of our 3,000+ highly qualified interpreters in seconds. Regardless of whether you are on the phone with the other person or sitting side by side, U.S. Translation will facilitate your communication flawlessly.

    Our Clients

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    Video-connect with your Interpreter

    When you or your client need to see the interpreter and have them actively participate in the meeting, you can easily video-connect with our platform. In seconds, via your computer or smartphone, you can connect to one of our best interpreters, in any language you need.


    It is the perfect solution for any type of video translation need, including the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community (ASL).


    Customized Phone
    and Video Interpreting Services

    Providing superior experiences, for you.

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    Best Interpreters for your needs


    Our linguistic experts have extensive experience and education in providing interpreting solutions remotely. In addition to their specific language knowledge, we make sure to provide you with an interpreter that is also versed in your industry and understand terminology and abbreviations.

    They are committed to the profession full time, and are continuously undergoing additional training to stay updated with new technologies and best practices. We guarantee that regardless the language you need interpretation, we provide the best interpreter available in the market.

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    Fast connection and 24/7 availability


    Connecting with our interpreters takes seconds and is quite an easy setup. This allows you to focus your time in preparing for the meeting rather than connecting to a complicated interpreting system.

    Availability is crucial for over-the-phone or video interpretation. Our Interpreters are available at all times to provide assistance to your important phone calls or urgent meetings.

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    Access from around the globe


    No matter where you or the person you’re calling are located, our interpreters can be connected wherever you need them.

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    Any and all languages.


    Our professional phone interpreters provide support in over 200 languages. We are trusted by hundreds of organizations with a wide variety of language needs, and our interpreters have been vital in facilitating communication in their global operations. Industry-specific terms and abbreviations are also part of their expertise – your interpreter will be 100% suitable for your conversation.

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    Questions you might have

    What is language interpretation?

    Interpretation is the oral transmittal of a message from one language into another language. Our service provides accurate and complete first-person interpretation regardless of country of origin or level of education of the speaker.
    Our interpreters attentively listen to and process the original message and accurately convey its meaning in the target language.

    How long does it take to reach an interpreter?

    We connect you to an interpreter within seconds once we have your account information.

    Occasionally the connection time for a less commonly requested language may be slightly longer.

    When can I reach an interpreter?

    We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your interpreter is available within seconds. On rare occasions, all interpreters for a particular language may be busy.

    When this happens, we will ask you to please wait, or if not an emergency, to call back. We consistently service more than 99% of all requests for interpretation.

    Can I just transfer a call to your interpreter?

    No, the interpreter serves as a communications conduit between you and your limited English- speaking customer and is dependent on you for direction during the call.

    You will take the lead and provide the subject matter expertise regarding your business or organization; the interpreter relays the information back and forth.

    Once I reach an interpreter, what happens if I accidentally hang-up?

    Unfortunately, this does occasionally happen. There is a call back button which will remain for one minute. Simply tap the button and you will be reconnected.

    What if I requested the wrong language?

    The user will have to disconnect from the call and start over to request a new interpreter. Unfortunately, our interpreters do not have the ability to transfer the client to another interpreter.

    Do you monitor calls for quality?

    Yes, our QA team works diligently to ensure that interpreters meet our quality standards and our clients’ expectations. Calls are live monitored and interpreters’ performance is evaluated on a regular basis. Coaching and counseling are provided to interpreters on an individual basis, as needed.

    Do you record calls?

    We can if the client requests it.

    I need an interpreter's name. How do I get it?

    Interpreters are required to provide their first name and ID number at the start of each session. They are asked not to provide their last names, as we use their ID number to identify them in our system.

    What happens if we have a problem hearing one another on a call?

    Relay the appropriate instructions to the limited English speaker as to how you will re-establish contact. Say “end of call” to your interpreter and hang up. Then redial or click on the “reconnect” button on the app or web browser.

    What should I do when the interpreter joins the conversation?

    Summarize what you wish to accomplish and give any special instructions to the interpreter.

    Do not assume that the interpreter or limited English speaker knows more about your organization or its procedures than what you tell them.

    Take the lead in the conversation by giving the interpreter specific questions to relay.

    Ask one question or group of related questions at a time. Allow the interpreter to interpret that into the target language before continuing with the next question.

    What should I do to facilitate the interpretation?

    Remember, to communicate directly with the limited English speaker.

    As in any conversation, the limited English speaker may not readily understand the question you are asking, so you can expect the interpreter to ask you for clarification in such instances. If you need to clarify a point, ask the interpreter right away. All our interpreters are trained to ask for clarification if you use a term they do not know.

    Are your interpreters trained in our industry terminology?

    Yes, our interpreters work with industry experts to provide specialized training on medical, court, insurance, and financial terminology, among others. In addition, our interpreters are required to be familiar with police and 9-1-1 procedures.

    We also provide training on customer service skills. Our veteran interpreters have hundreds of hours of experience interpreting and tailoring the interpretation to the various requirements of our customers.


    Why do conversations with limited English speakers seem longer than those in English?

    We require that our interpreters be accurate and to the point. They interpret in first-person for simplicity and brevity. It is important to recognize that they interpret not only across languages, but also across cultures.

    You can help facilitate the interpretation by making your message easy for the limited English speaker to understand. Clarification and/or elaboration are sometimes needed to explain concepts that do not have an equivalent in other languages or cultures.

    What guarantee of confidentiality do I have?

    All our interpreters are covered by professional liability insurance with extended coverage.

    In addition, each interpreter signs a confidentiality agreement and is bound by a strict Code of Ethics ensuring that all information pertaining to the work we do for you remains strictly confidential. Interpreters routinely destroy all notes.

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    any OPI or VRI services.