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U.S. Translation Company featured in Salt Lake Chamber

Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce chose to feature U.S. Translation Company in this week’s “Member Business Spotlight.” David Utrilla and U.S. Translation Company have long been active members of the Chamber. In 2007, the Chamber awarded us their “Translation Services Award” for Salt Lake City’s “Minority Small Business of the Year.” As a long-time supporter and member, U.S. Translation Company recognizes the efforts of the Chamber, and is glad to participate in our community.

About Salt Lake Chamber

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, according to its website, “is Utah’s largest business association and Utah’s business leader.” The Salt Lake Chamber “represents more than 8000 businesses and over 500,000 Utah jobs.” With the avowed mission to “champion community prosperity,” the Chamber considers itself the authoritative voice of Utah business interests. As such, it seeks to inform its members about issues of public policy, the Utah economy, and other matters pressing to the Utah business community. Its “Salt Lake Chamber 2016 Public Policy Guide” covers a variety of Utah-specific issues. Prosperity 2020 (a “five-year plan to elevate [Utah’s] educational outcomes”). Utah transportation and infrastructure. Downtown Rising (“a nexus between public and private interests in advancing community goals for Utah’s urban center”). Natural resources and resource extraction. The environment and environmental protection. Immigration and immigration reform. Regulatory issues. Salt Lake infrastructure. Education reform. And that’s just for starters.

Utah the happiest state?

In its “Utah Business Report,” the Salt Lake Chamber cites a WalletHub report in which Utah ranks #1 as the happiest state in the USA. The study used “28 key metrics” to arrive at its rankings. Life in Utah, a lifestyle publication of the Salt Lake Chamber, would suggest the reason for Utah’s top spot achievement. Something like a perfect storm of economic opportunity, natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and a particular ethos. The latter, perhaps captured by the “work hard, play hard” cliche, involves the tripartite cocktail of a pioneering spirit, family values, and fun-loving lust for life. Regardless of the extent to which Utah actually embodies these mythologies, the marketing works. Corporate offices are popping up along the Wasatch Front almost daily. Dollars pour in. The area certainly seems to be experiencing some vigorous and sustained growth.

Salt Lake Chamber events

The Salt Lake Chamber puts on a number of events. These range from forums, panels, and other sorts of public policy meetings, to casual and social events. We at U.S. Translation Company attend as many as we can. Last week the Chamber held an after-hours business networking function at an upscale space downtown. One of us managed to be there. There is the Salt Lake Chamber golf tournament. The Small Business Forum. And so on. Good times, to be sure. And some valuable resources, as well.

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