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Supporting Local Salt Lake City Businesses During the Holiday Season

Supporting local businesses means supporting the community. Local businesses often donate more to community initiatives than larger corporations, providing vital funds for schools, charities, and other important causes. When you shop locally, your money is also more likely to stay in the community — meaning that it can be used to strengthen its economy.
Why Support Local Businesses during Holidays
Shopping in smaller stores or at local boutiques, you can find unique items that the big box stores and online retailers don’t carry. You get to meet and interact with the people who own, work at, and shop in the store. This makes for a much more personal shopping experience than just browsing an online marketplace.Local business owners are essential to our communities, not only with their products and services but through generous donations that benefit the causes closest to home. They play a vital role in creating strong bonds between local people and places! They also provide unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Supporting local businesses has more than a feel-good factor. For instance, 55 cents of every dollar circulates locally, providing real economic benefits.

With the support of executive director Alison Einerson, Urban Food Connections of Utah is thrilled to present an even bigger and better winter market! This year’s edition builds on their previous successes from the Salt Lake City Downtown Farmers Market – which just celebrated its biggest turnout yet.

For a limited time only, the Downtown Alliance is giving away an unforgettable experience with its #SHOPSLC giveaway once again. Citizens can like and share their posts on either Facebook or Instagram to enter for your chance at one free night of luxurious lodging at Hotel Monaco PLUS two tickets to “A Soulful Holiday” starring Utah Symphony, $150 worth of dining vouchers from Bambara Restaurant and Salt & Honey.
Ways To Support Salt Lake City Businesses During Holidays
The holiday season is a special time of year and it’s important to support the businesses that make Salt Lake City such a great place to live. Whether you’re looking for gifts, decorations, food, or services, plenty of local businesses in Salt Lake can help you this holiday season. Here are a few ideas for supporting local Salt Lake City businesses during the holidays:

Shop Local Stores: Spend your money at local stores and small businesses in Salt Lake instead of big box stores. Not only will you find unique gifts, but you’ll also be helping to keep money within the community.

Dine Out Locally: Whether you’re having dinner with the family or catching up with friends, make sure to visit local restaurants and cafes in Salt Lake.

Attend Festivals: The holidays are a great time to experience the many festivals and events that take place in Salt Lake City throughout the season. From Christmas light displays to ice skating, there are plenty of fun activities to choose from.

Buy Gift Cards: Give the gift to local businesses this year with a Salt Lake City gift card! Whether you’re giving it as a present or simply want to support the local economy, purchasing gift cards is an easy way to make sure your money goes back into the community.

Donate: Consider donating to a local charity or organization in Salt Lake City. This is a great way to give back and help those who are less fortunate this holiday season.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, remember to support your favorite local businesses in Salt Lake City! From shopping locally to attending festivals, there are plenty of ways to show your support for the Salt Lake City community. By doing so, you can help ensure that local businesses thrive this holiday season.

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