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game localization
Game localization

With over 89 million game console owners in the USA, it’s no wonder that gaming has become such a popular niche. What’s more, as an industry it’s worth over 18...

20 09 2019 / Posted by ustranslation
media translations
News & Media Translations

Having only just welcomed globotext to the U.S. Translation Company family, there’s no better time than the present to have a look at news & media translations. There’s a lot...

04 09 2019 / Posted by ustranslation
Technical translation services
Technical translation services

With industry making up such a major part of the United States’ corporate landscape, it’s no wonder that companies of all sizes are now having to invest in technical translation...

22 08 2019 / Posted by ustranslation
U.S. Translation Company Welcomes New Division

At the beginning of June, Salt Lake City-based translation agency U.S. Translation Company acquired globotext. With globotext having specialized in media and news translations for over 30 years, this acquisition...

31 07 2019 / Posted by ustranslation
Going global
Going global – 5 steps to getting started!

All ambitious business owners will tell you that they’re always on the lookout for ways to grow their business. And when you’ve achieved something at home, you tend to set...

23 07 2019 / Posted by ustranslation
Multilingual DTP
Multilingual DTP

Multilingual DTP When you think of translations, print is never the first thing to cross your mind. Even though there are so many instances when you need to send your...

07 07 2019 / Posted by ustranslation
Website translation services
Website translation services – translations for a digital world

Website translation services Are you a digital marketing agency who’s looking to take your client’s global? Or are you a company who’s looking to increase your online presence abroad? No...

18 06 2019 / Posted by ustranslation
A buyer’s guide to interpretation

When your company does business internationally, speaking your clients’ language is vital to your success. When you’re only dealing with written documents, translations are the perfect choice for communicating, but...

30 05 2019 / Posted by ustranslation
Benefits of working with a translation agency
Freelancers vs. LSPs? The benefits of working with a translation agency.

No matter if you’re just starting out on your international journey or you’re an international business veteran, making that big decision on who’ll handle your translations is never easy. Do...

15 05 2019 / Posted by ustranslation
Who Are We and What Do We Provide?

  We are U.S. Translation Company (also known as USTC), and our primary goal is to help our clients expand in existing markets and linguistically enter new ones. We believe...

13 02 2019 / Posted by ustranslation