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David Utrilla speaking to students at Dual Immersion Academy

U.S. Translation Company CEO speaks to students

Yesterday, David Utrilla spoke to students at Dual Immersion Academy, a charter school based in the Glendale neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah — about fifteen minutes from U.S. Translation Company headquarters. David emphasized the importance of bilingual fluency in today’s multicultural and multilingual economy. He also talked of his experience as a non-English-speaking immigrant who worked hard to attain proficiency, and how attaining bilingual status allowed him to found and grow U.S. Translation Company.

David Utrilla speaks to students at Dual Immersion Academy about the importance of language and cultural flexibility

Spanish as a first language

According to the Dual Immersion Academy website,

Our students are 93% Hispanic/Latino, many of whom are immigrants to the United States. Over 90% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Our student families are often working multiple jobs and struggling for basic needs. They are seeking to find success for their students and themselves. They know that education is the key to the future of their students. They have chosen to bring their students to DIA to create a strong scholar with limitless possibilities.

In other words, David Utrilla’s audience, much like himself, were from immigrant families whose first language is Spanish. Hopefully, they were inspired to see a former immigrant now CEO of a well-known corporation.

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