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Multilingual DTP
Multilingual DTP

Multilingual DTP When you think of translations, print is never the first thing to cross your mind. Even though there are so many instances when you need to send your translation to print (or even just have it formatted so it looks good in PDF, for example), it’s something that...

A buyer’s guide to interpretation

When your company does business internationally, speaking your clients’ language is vital to your success. When you’re only dealing with written documents, translations are the perfect choice for communicating, but what if you have to do meetings or events in person? This is where the language barrier tends to be...

Who Are We and What Do We Provide?

  We are U.S. Translation Company (also known as USTC), and our primary goal is to help our clients expand in existing markets and linguistically enter new ones. We believe in making sure that our clients can communicate successfully not only in the United States but anywhere around the world...