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We work with all Industries. There aren’t many industries that we haven’t worked in. If your industry isn’t listed, not to worry, we’ve done it!

Life sciences & healthcare

From prosthetics to pharma, biotech to dentistry, we’ve got translators with extensive experience in all life sciences subsectors. Targeting your sleep apnea treatment to clinics in rural Umbria? Attempting to penetrate the Bangladeshi market with your breast cancer drug? U.S. Translation Company will ensure that your communication and delivery are culturally relevant and personally impactful. Your target demographic will consume your message, made native for them. With all of the technical details preserved intact. That’s the way we approach our expert translation services.

Whether you are a biomedical engineer, a pharmaceutical compliance specialist, an R & D project manager, a procurement agent for a medical devices company, or a documentation director, you’ll appreciate the industry expertise, the white glove service, and the flexibility that has earned U.S. Translation Company so much recognition. And don’t forget to check out our revolutionary expert translation services for website and proxy hosting services; it gives you multiple language versions of your site for less trouble—and less money—than you ever imagined!


Industrial WorkerEngineering & Manufacturing

If your manufacturing sector presents low tolerance for error and high liability, you don’t want to risk a sub-par translation service. U.S. Translation Company excels in all kinds of expert translation services, especially for highly technical manufacturing verticals. Schematics and other engineering-related materials. Material safety data sheets. Product manuals. Whatever else your localization and globalization operations require.

Whether you’re an engineer or a project manager, you’ll be grateful for US Translation Company’s expert translation services. If your company manufactures for government—federal, state, local, or any of the various government agencies—you’ll appreciate that government contracts are one of our core competencies. If you’re a compliance officer, you’ll be glad to know that we have experience in compliance and regulatory issues specific to the manufacturing sector. Tasked with procurement and supply chain management? Charged with documentation? We’ve got you covered. Localization director? Global sales strategist? In charge of communications and marketing for your firm? No worries. U.S. Translation Company offers manufacturing and engineering firms a range of options: raw machine translation for internal use at a steeply discounted rate; post-edited machine translation; and, of course, our signature full-on human translation with complete desktop publishing and thorough quality assurance review! As if that weren’t enough, our translation project management portal helps you streamline your localization operations, and it’s absolutely free to you!

Imagine you are having a material safety data sheet translated into Somali (naturally, you need a translator who is fluent in both English and Somali). The translator encounters industry-specific jargon. Terms like immiscible and polymeric and delustered assail the poor translator’s brain. There may be a Somali equivalent for respirator, but is there one for styrene?

If your English-Somali translator happens to be intimately familiar with the vocabulary of engineering and materials science, she will have no problem deciding if the Somali equivalent for toxic, sun, is sufficiently accurate or whether she should insert further explanation. She will instantly know that beta-ketopropane is not translatable, and that leaving the term in its original is the obvious choice. Having a technical translator proficient in the field is indispensable when it comes to expert translation services!


Government & Regulatory

If you are a government official —or a government contractor— you’re going to want an LSP seasoned in the complexities of sourcing, procurement, supply chain issues, contracts, international diplomacy, multilingual training and many more domains. And that’s where our expert translation services come in.

David Utrilla, U.S. Translation Company CEO, is the Honorary Consul of Peru in Utah. We understand governmental processes. We’ve helped government contractors, state governments and the federal government with a variety of projects. We also partner with foreign governments, municipal governments, state and county governments, NGOs, inter-governmental task forces, and a variety of government agencies for their communication needs.

U.S. Translation Company has long served the US Military, major aerospace manufacturers, government consulting agencies and more. Our record of government-contract-related technical translations is impeccable. Let us show you why our white glove service and quality assurance program have earned us a reputation as the premier language services provider for all things government.

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