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Houston Translation Services

Are you looking for professional translation services for businesses in Houston? What about interpreting and localization solutions? Our team of culturally-sensitive, world-class language professionals works with every single language. If you are a Houston-based business and you’ve been searching for a translation company, call us today – we’re available 24/7.


Houston, Texas

Houston Translation Services

U.S. Translation is a translation company that has developed the most skilled and talented team of linguists to help Houston businesses seamlessly expand overseas with translations in over 100 languages on five continents - all native speakers, fluent English experts!
We offer translation services for companies across major industries such as healthcare, finance, or construction; we have subject matter experts who can help in each industry's terminology so your message will be accurately conveyed every time you communicate internationally. Our team of language experts knows every dialect and variation in the world. With them on your side, nothing is lost when you translate—not even a single word.

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Multilingual Translation Services

U.S. Translation has been your most trusted and affordable translation company for businesses in and around Houston for years because of their dedication to meeting the linguistic needs, regardless of size or niche, that come with expanding a business internationally.
Multilingual translation and interpretation are not easy, but it can be a great investment. With our multidisciplinary teams of linguists, project managers, and software experts who are natives of the countries you want to expand into – your company will have an edge against other companies trying to do business there. What is more? We will assemble a team from any industry that is trained in what they need for their line of work!


Our Houston translation services include interpretation and translation services for 100+ languages. These include:


  • Americas: French (Canadian), English, Haitian, Creole Navajo, Portuguese, and Spanish among others.
  • Asia: Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Punjabi, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and 30+ others.
  • Africa: Igbo, Swahili, Yoruba, Afrikaans, and 20+ others.
  • Eastern Europe: Albanian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, and 30+ others.
  • Western Europe: Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, and 20+ others.
  • Middle East: Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Turkish, and 10+ others.


We take great pride in only hiring the most trustworthy, reliable translators to work with you. All new employees are subjected to a thorough language proficiency assessment and vetting process – we want everyone on our team working for your best interest! The translators and interpreters at the company are some of the bests. This is because they maintain a high level of integrity, respect, and professionalism in every project assigned to them. We then complement our teams with advanced technology for accuracy as well as speed customized per the target audience’s unique needs.

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eLearning Localization

The best way to compete with multinational companies is by hiring top talent from all over the world. But there’s one challenge here: language barriers when you have a multilingual workforce that speaks many languages like Spanish, French, and Chinese. Our U.S. Translation services will help your content-based training material be translated into 100+ languages. This way you can reach more people in their native tongue or dialects of those same languages they speak fluently instead of just English. Our process is simple: just tell us which languages or regions you need translating into so we can get started!


When it comes to training and educating employees on safety, U.S. Translation understands the importance of a company’s reputation as well as their physical wellbeing; therefore, we will partner with you in order for your new hires to be properly trained about what they need to know before going into work every day.


We pride ourselves on delivering affordable, high-quality translations to our clients in a timely manner. Our experts are always happy to help you through the process of producing quality content for your employees and customers around the world!


Our Houston translation services help you create a localized version of:

Video tutorials, Product demos, Animated instructional videos, Written documents and Graphical user interface (GUI) and graphics.


Our team of professionals is ready and willing to work with your proprietary learning management systems or file formats. We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise necessary to get any data you need from your business no matter what format it is in.

Interpretation Services

U.S. Translation is the go-to company for any situation with interpreting needs, whether it be a small meeting or conference! Our team can handle anything you throw at them and has an incredible amount of experience in both science and technical fields as well as translating languages themselves. Our interpretation team can fly to your location or provide services remotely. We offer over-the-phone, consecutive, and simultaneous interpretations in Houston.

If you are planning a virtual multilingual meeting, we will help you host it on our simultaneous interpreting tool- InterpretCloud. This reliable and top-quality tool will help you make your online marketing event multilingual seamlessly and in real-time. It is easy to integrate InterpretCloud with your online conferencing platform for optimal functionality and time-saving.

Website Translation

Translating your website will give you a more global and diverse presence. You’ll see an increase in sales as customers who speak English as their second or third language get to enjoy browsing the internet with ease, rather than being limited by another language they are less comfortable using for shopping online. The modern customer feels closer to products when served through their own native tongue! With our website translation service, your international marketing strategy will be more wide-reaching. We can help you attract a bigger audience and close deals abroad with the skills of our translators who are fluent in multiple languages.

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Personal websites

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Community building websites

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Personal blogs

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eCommerce websites

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Informational websites

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Landing pages

U.S. Translation can help you automate future website translations and updates, eliminating lengthy and expensive translation processes in the future. That is how you ensure that your foreign language websites and the source language website never fall out of sync with new updates. Our agile website translation services for companies in Houston are anchored on simplicity and scalability, giving you the best value for money and time. If your website is hosted by a 3rd party CMS system like WordPress, we have a versatile proxy technology that we use to seamlessly translate within the CMS.


Translate your web content directly into the site’s source code (PHP, HTML, XML, etc.)


Localize images, videos, graphics, PDFs, and other multimedia content to make it geographically relatable to your international target audience.


Translate within WordPress or any other CMS that manages your website.

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Business Document
Translation Services
for Businesses in Houston

Our skilled linguists are experts in your target languages and know just about any subject matter you can think of. This means they are able to translate all the documents from start-to-finish quickly, accurately and with a legal background that will make sure everything is done right for each country’s regulations. We have teams of experts for your legal, financial, manufacturing or tech needs. No matter what business niche you are in we can help!

Why U.S. Translations Houston?

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We provide Houston with the most reliable translation services for many reasons: At our translation company, you can depend on the following: a human customer service team that is available 24/7 in your language of choice and guaranteed quality. We offer scalable, customizable services for any business size to fit their needs at an affordable price!