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The significance of media translation in today’s globalized world cannot be overstated. With the rise of streaming platforms and the exponential growth of online content, the demand for well-translated media content has skyrocketed. Gone are the days when audiences were content with poorly subtitled films or misinterpreted news segments. Modern consumers, armed with a broader worldview and digital tools at their disposal, yearn for accuracy, context, and cultural relevance in the media they consume. Thus, media translation is not just a linguistic endeavor; it’s an exercise in cultural diplomacy, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among audiences worldwide.

At the beginning of June, Salt Lake City-based translation agency U.S. Translation Company acquired globotext. With globotext having specialized in media and news translations for over 30 years, this acquisition allows U.S. Translation Company to be able to provide for their clients 365 days a year, with the ability for very short turn-around-times. 

Lynn Roberts, the founder of globotext, was motivated to combine forces after realizing that the company could benefit from the expertise and technology a leading translation agency could provide. After being approached by a number of other translation agencies, she chose to partner with USTC because of the synergy the two companies shared and their joint passion for customer service. 

Speaking to the USTC team, CEO David Utrilla said his main motivation behind the move was to expand their current client offering. By acquiring globotext, USTC’s clients can now benefit from their faster turnaround times, their global pool of multilingual media specialists, and the fact they are open 365 days a year. Other staff members including CFO Dale Gibson and Director of Operations Kathy Sprouse are looking forward to helping globotext expand their operations. They’re also looking forward to seeing USTC benefit from what globotext offers.

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With their roots in media, news, and publishing, globotext was set up to lead global media communications. Now, we can team up and provide our clients the best of both worlds – media availability and our expertise in other areas.


No matter if it’s Christmas day, or you’re nursing yourself back to health after new years eve – the media’s still working. They have to be open 365 days a year to deal with global news – so if your translations can’t wait until after the holidays, they’re here to help.


News is only news if you get it out first! That’s why no matter what industry your from, you can benefit from their speed at getting your documents back to you ASAP. Be it a news article or even technical documentation, we’ve teamed up to combine our industry expertise with their media speed.

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