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Supreme English to Afrikaans Translation Services

Quality content is the key to the success of your company’s expansion strategy. That’s why our English to Afrikaans translation services produce the best imaginable translation quality.

We guarantee reliable, high-quality translations and localization to support your strategic communication goals.

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We maintain unbeatable quality standards that our clients trust and rely on. Our language specialists uphold these standards in all translation and localization projects. We guarantee linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness throughout your translation project.

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We have rigorous quality management systems to complement our team of human translators. We scrutinize translated projects with a fine-tooth comb every step of the way. That’s how we always align your message with the target audience’s cultural context. We do that without losing its original tone and meaning.

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Our linguists are experts in technical, medical, and scientific translation. We have a diverse team of linguists who are subject matter experts in many fields, from technology, engineering, industrial manufacturing, biomedical sciences, pharmaceuticals, and so on. Competent translators with proper training in your industry will handle your project.

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The earlier we finish your project, the stronger your competitive advantage will be. We promise to finish your English to Afrikaans translation project as soon as possible.

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Our reputation of strict confidentiality has kept us thriving for three decades now. We have invested in robust data encryption to safeguard your content from data spies. We also have continuous access reviews to curb unauthorized access.

Competitive Pricing financial translation

Our approach to quality translation and localization is simple: Quality should be affordable. That’s why we offer a wide range of customizable services to make our services affordable to all.

Opening Channels for Global Dialogue

We want your message to abide by Afrikaans grammar rules and syntax. That is your entry ticket to the Southern African market. We will convey the meaning of your English text, all while appealing to the locals in their language.

Connecting Across Cultural Boundaries

Cultural diversity manifests itself in language barriers and behavioral differences. We have a team of Afrikaans and English natives who can help you with your English to Afrikaans translations. This team will help you bask in the beauty of your clientele’s cultural diversity.

Translation vs Localization: What Makes Them Different

Words As Your Passport To Global Expansion

To succeed in business, you must cultivate meaningful relationships across language and cultural borders. Get in touch today and we will help you nurture lasting global business connections!

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Our Services: Lifelong Commitment To Excellence And Satisfaction

We have perfected a foolproof process to ensure quality and speedy translations. Here’s a breakdown of our translation process:



Our experts will speak with your team to get the full scope of your translation needs. The translation process only starts after we fully understand your business targets.

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When we understand the scope of your project, we can select a team of translators best suited for the job. We pick translators based on their technical abilities and expertise in both languages.

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The selected team gets to work in close collaboration with your team. This collaboration ensures that all your business needs are captured in the translation. Our focus is to uphold the cultural integrity, meaning, and context of your content.



Our quality assurance specialists check if the translated material is consistent and precise. All errors and inconsistencies are ironed out at this stage. The team orders a series of edits and revisions until the final draft is up to our set standards.



Our language specialists will review the translated draft based on your feedback. If need be, they tweak the draft to meet and surpass your chosen quality standards.



The translated document is now well-polished and refined for use. We are committed to a lifetime business relationship with you. We promise to be by your side long after the final delivery. We will walk with you until the translated materials achieve their intended purpose.


Localization or translation: what is best for international content?

Translation means creating copies of existing content in a different language to relay a message to foreign markets. However, merely relaying a message to a target audience isn’t enough to win clients. That’s where localization comes in. Localization adjusts the tone of your text, idioms, visual components, and technical details. It makes your content more suitable to the market’s cultural preferences.

How much do translation services cost?

Forces of supply and demand determine translation costs. But besides that, different language pairs have different translation costs. Some pairs have readily available translators, so they’re relatively cheaper to translate. Other pairs have few qualified translators that are hard to find. For an accurate quote, contact us and see our rates.

Are human translators better than AI translators?

In many ways, yes! A human linguist understands humor, idioms, tone, and cultural nuances. AI translators don’t have this privilege. AI has come a long way in ensuring nearly 100% accurate translations, of course. But AI’s inability to make human considerations makes it inferior to humans.

How long does a translation project take?

A translation’s duration depends on the word count and complexity of the reference material. A human translator can do up to 2000-3000 words daily. The quality assurance processes, however, may take a few extra hours/days.

What kind of documents need professional translation?

All documents affecting your business’s reputation, efficiency, or legal compliance. These include contracts and patents, marketing materials, and employee training documents.

When does a translation need to be revised?

A translation may require revision if it fails to meet the agreed-upon standards. A translator with more experience in the subject matter handles revision requests.

How do you maintain document confidentiality at your organization?

We know some of your translation documents contain sensitive information. We have put in place strict measures to protect your information from erroneous exposure. Our team follows well-defined policies on who can access or edit specific documents.

What file formats do you accept for translation?

Any format is fine, provided the text is visible. For audio and video files, the audio track should be audible. We will figure out the rest.


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