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Current Events at U.S. Translation Company

David Utrilla, President of U.S. Translation Company

U.S. Translation Company hosts Peruvian ambassador

We at U.S. Translation Company have been busy lately. On January 27 we hosted Carlos Pareja, Ambassador of Peru, for a roundtable in the U.S. Translation Company boardroom. The meeting brought Utah stakeholders within industry, government, and the nonprofit community to discuss Utah-Peru relationships. USTC president and CEO David Utrilla introduced Mr. Pareja to those present, and gave each attendee an opportunity to introduce himself or herself to the others, and to briefly discuss his or her area of interest.

Peruvian Ambassador Carlos Pareja with David Utrilla

 Among those attending were the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Ed Macha and Monica Barnes, Reliable Controls Corporation. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Reliable Controls provides environmental engineering solutions for mining operations and other types of industrial facilities. Mr. Macha’s firm already works in various Latin American countries, and is currently seeking Peruvian partners so that Reliable Controls can help mitigate the effects of heavy industry in Peru.
  • Dave Brogue, Utah Coffee Roasters. Interested in partnering directly with Peruvian growers.
  • Sallie Poston, Hope Alliance. A Salt Lake City-based NGO, Hope Alliance currently has two humanitarian projects underway in Peru.
  • Ophelia Wade, Utah State Board of Education. Spoke about Spanish immersion programs in Peru.
  • Christine Pomeroy, University of Utah, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Pomeroy is interested in remedial efforts to help rural Peruvians have a safe and clean water supply.
  • Saul Leal, Familias.com. A media company focused on family programming, Familias.com seeks to establish a Lima office.

    Community stakeholders meet with Peruvian Ambassador at U.S. Translation Company

Reliable Controls Corporation sponsors WTA event

Our CEO, David Utrilla, happens to also serve as the president of the World Trade Association of Utah. On February 1st, Reliable Controls Corporation (a current client—U.S. Translation Company provides website translation and proxy hosting for them) hosted a WTA dinner. A good time was had by all, and much networking occured.

Ed Macha of Reliable Controls speaks at WTA Utah event

David Utrilla of U.S. Translation Company at World Trade Association event

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