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Chicago Translation Services

Are you looking for professional translation services for businesses in Chicago? What about interpreting and localization solutions? Our team of culturally-sensitive, world-class language professionals works with every single language. If you are a Chicago-based business and you’ve been searching for a translation company, call us today – we’re available 24/7.


Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Translation Services

Your marketing team will be faced with a difficult challenge when taking your business to markets that don't share the same language or culture as you. Your best bet is partnering up with an established translation company, which has been doing this for years and understands what it takes to succeed on these types of missions. Starting out in unfamiliar territory can feel like going into uncharted waters, but fortunately there is someone who knows exactly how things work: A reputable translation company like U.S. Translation!

Our company has been utilizing their extensive global experience to help businesses in Chicago communicate effectively with a worldwide audience for 25+ years, and they are ready to work with you today!

We do more than just translate. We also specialize in eLearning, software localization, and interpretation to make sure your translations are complete from start to finish! We are the most well-known translation company out there - we have multidisciplinary teams of experts who can handle any job you need done with quality results every time.

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Multilingual Translation Services

Multilingual businesses are more successful, and U.S. Translation has the experience you need to help make your business thrive in different languages! We provide customer- and worker-friendly multilingual services to businesses in an effort for a better relationship with international markets, which would result in more customers and employees feeling valued when spoken to in their native tongue rather than just one language.


Chicago U.S. Translation services is supported by human translators and project managers. That means we are able to maintain a strong reputation for accuracy, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, fast delivery timeframes with unmatched cultural awareness.
We live and work by the motto 24/7, which means that we promise to be here for you around the clock. We can provide both translation as well as interpretation services so your customer service team will never have an excuse not to cater to all of their multilingual customers’ needs quickly!


Our range of Chicago multilingual translation services consist of:

  • Multilingual SEO
  • Business Documents Translation
  • Market Surveys and financial reports translation
  • Localization of your brand image and message
  • Adaptation of eLearning materials to multinational cultures and labor markets
  • Interpretation of both in-person and virtual conferences, interviews, and corporate meetings


Our linguists are great at understanding the nuances in your target languages. These experts can translate between any two of the six main trade blocs – not only do they have knowledge on each country’s vernacular, but even their slang is taken into account during translation requests.

Our Chicago translation services include interpretation and translation services for 100+ languages. These include:


  • Americas: French (Canadian), English, Haitian, Creole Navajo, Portuguese, and Spanish among others.
  • Asia: Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Punjabi, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and 30+ others.
  • Africa: Igbo, Swahili, Yoruba, Afrikaans, and 20+ others.
  • Eastern Europe: Albanian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, and 30+ others.
  • Western Europe: Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, and 20+ others.
  • Middle East: Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Turkish, and 10+ others.
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eLearning Localization

Training a multilingual workforce presents numerous obstacles. From translating your materials to making sure they are culturally appropriate; it can be difficult and time-consuming. U.S. Translation’s localization team is here for you with affordable prices and trained experts ready to localize every detail of the material so that nothing goes left behind or misinterpreted by an international audience!


We will help you understand the cultural and regional nuances that differentiate one market from another. Hundreds of Chicago businesses have managed to attract top talent, make more successful business inroads, and consistently optimize employee performance by partnering with us. We can do that for your company as well!
We are here to create success stories like those hundreds of other businesses who partnered with our team: they achieved their goals when we helped them bridge the gap between cultures while developing marketing strategies tailored specifically for each region or country’s needs–we are ready to get started on yours too!

Interpretation Services

Our affordable, time-conscious, and highly accurate Chicago interpretation service will help you do business with people from all over the world. We assign our interpreters who are fluent in your languages of interest to work on projects that span many fields: finance, medical care services, or law enforcement needs for instance. We help you communicate better in seminars, conferences, business meetings, and training. We provide 2 key interpretation services:

Remote Simultaneous Services

We take care of every detail to ensure that your multilingual event is successful in the most affordable way possible. We provide you with a choice between remote simultaneous interpretation solutions or on-site interpreting services at competitive rates and high quality, even for short notice requests! You can also hire InterpretCloud, our remote interpretation partner, to make your event even more accessible.

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In-Person interpretation

We are the leading translation company in Chicago for both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, with over a decade of experience. We will ensure that no misunderstandings happen during your event by providing professional language services to help you speak more clearly about what makes your business so important. We have the latest language equipment available for purchase or hire. From headsets to receivers, we provide you with everything you need- whether it’s just a one-time thing or an ongoing customer!

If you are planning a virtual multilingual meeting, we will help you host it on our simultaneous interpreting tool- InterpretCloud. This reliable and top-quality tool will help you make your online marketing event multilingual seamlessly and in real-time. It is easy to integrate InterpretCloud with your online conferencing platform for optimal functionality and time-saving.

Website Translation

Localizing your content for the overseas market is one of the best ways to boost lead generation. Our site translation service makes sure that not only are all words readable, but also relatable in other countries and cultures. We localize blogs, landing pages, Q&A section, or testimonial page on a case-by-case basis; any part of your website you specify can be translated with our services! We have the skills to take on anything from informational sites, eCommerce stores, or social media. If you need your content localized and linked up with your website, we can do that too!

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Personal websites

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Community building websites

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Personal blogs

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eCommerce websites

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Informational websites

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Landing pages

U.S. Translation can help you automate future website translations and updates, eliminating lengthy and expensive translation processes in the future. That is how you ensure that your foreign language websites and the source language website never fall out of sync with new updates. Our Chicago agile website translation services are anchored on simplicity and scalability, giving you the best value for money and time. If your website is hosted by a 3rd party CMS system like WordPress, we have a versatile proxy technology that we use to seamlessly translate within the CMS.


Translate your web content directly into the site’s source code (PHP, HTML, XML, etc.)


Localize images, videos, graphics, PDFs, and other multimedia content to make it geographically relatable to your international target audience.


Translate within WordPress or any other CMS that manages your website.

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Chicago Business Document
Translation Services

We translate and localize financial records, customer data, marketing ads, business reports, meeting minutes. Our subject matter experts work in tandem to provide the best quality translations for your company’s needs with accuracy and professionalism at an affordable price that will not break your budget!

Why U.S. Translations Chicago?

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If you want to expand into a new market and need top-notch translations, project management, quality assurance measures for all those complex documents that are involved in your international work – we’re the company to call. We have translators who speak native languages of other markets with an unmatched level of flexibility given by our scalable technology platform where confidentiality protocols make sure everything is secure at all times.