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Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un shaking hands


Striving for World Peace One Sentence at a Time

Earlier this month, President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the first summit meeting between the leaders. The meeting was a private discussion held between the two men, with the exception of their interpreters, who carried the overwhelming weight of Interpreting the conversation with 100% accuracy in verbiage, nuance, context, tone, message and meaning.

In one of the most critical meetings held in recent history, State Department employee Lee Yun-hyang interpreted for Trump, and Kim Ju Song, a member of North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, did the same for Kim. As the CNN article below states, “Interpreting at the diplomatic level can be the difference between finding peace or causing an international incident.”

Read more about these two crucial figures that will help define the relationship between the United States and North Korea and how translating has changed their lives.

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