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Translation Project Management

U.S. Translation Company offers clients a translation project management software interface that puts them in the driver’s seat. Each client can communicate with her dedicated U.S. Translation Company project manager via a secure portal. The customer can request and approve quotes, make change orders, and monitor the status of all projects. In short, this translation project management solution gives unprecedented control and information to each of our enterprise clients. Our translation project management software allows clients to log into their own portal

Translation project management has evolved

Clients get edgy when they don’t know the status of their translation project. Obviously, we project managers communicate with them, a lot. With our secure translation project management portal, however, customers can stay as in-the-loop as they want. After all, nothing substitutes for real-time data. Each client has her own level of communication comfort. What might be the perfect frequency of emails for one, might feel like bombardment to another. A third client may feel left in the dark and wish for more communication from his U.S. Translation Company project manager. The client portal solves all of that. Each customer has the ability to log in as many times per day as suits them.

More than information

OK, so it’s great that clients can stay informed on the status of their work. However, our translation project management software can do a lot more.

  • Clients can upload source documents with no file size limitations
  • Clients can download their finalized documents directly from their portal
  • If the client uploads additional documents, the system automatically notifies their dedicated U.S. Translation Company project manager
  • The translation project management software tracks and documents all stages of a project, from request to quote to order to invoice — no need for either customer or project manager to keep track manually
  • The client can approve or reject quotes at the click of a button
  • A larger localization department can have a supervisor login; the supervisor can view all projects across the organization
  • U.S. Translation Company can provide customized forms for company-specific or industry-specific requirements (specific divisions can be tracked, particular compliance demands can be met, etc.)
  • Elimination of email miscommunication risk — client communication landing in a project manager’s spam folder, for example — because the translation project management portal has the redundancy of emailing the PM and retaining the communication in the system dashboard

A translation game-changer

Our clients love the ability to view, manage and communicate via their personalized translation project management portal. We love that our clients are thrilled. And, we love that we have yet another tool that helps us deliver our signature white glove service.

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