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The Importance of SaaS Localization and How to Do It

The Importance of SaaS Localization and How to Do It Software As A Service (SaaS) also known as on-demand software or cloud-based software has now become mainstream and is massively...

10 08 2021 / Posted by ustranslation
Main Benefits of Multilingual Training Courses for Your Business

Going cross-border is critical in today’s globalized and highly competitive business landscape. Your business has to reach out to and collaborate with professionals and customers who don’t understand your native...

20 04 2021 / Posted by ustranslation
6 Best Practices for Translating eLearning Courses

Organizations need to get their eLearning translations right if they are to train and educate multilingual learners. Read on to learn the best practices for improving your eLearning translation. According...

23 03 2021 / Posted by ustranslation
The Role of Translation in Bringing the Business World Together

As in any other realm, communication is essential for businesses in 2021. English is generally the “standard” spoken language in the business world, but that is not the case for...

09 02 2021 / Posted by ustranslation
The Real Challenge of Japanese to English Mistranslation

One of the things most foreigners on a visit to Japan find funny is the mistranslation of Japanese to English. The mistranslation of Japanese to English is quite common, particularly...

25 11 2020 / Posted by ustranslation
Remote video interpreting
What You Need to Know About Video Remote Interpreting

Interpretation is a vital aspect of translation services, utilized worldwide for the sake of business, medical practice and legal advice. In the current global climate, face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible,...

30 03 2020 / Posted by ustranslation
endangered languages
Endangered Languages and How to Save Them

Every day, approximately 7,000 different languages are spoken by people all around the globe. On average, this would put about a million speakers per language, which we know isn’t true....

30 03 2020 / Posted by ustranslation
Chinese translator
How to Work with Chinese Translators

When it comes to taking your business global, one of the largest markets to aim for is China. Boasting a population of over 1 billion, it’s an audience that cannot...

30 03 2020 / Posted by ustranslation
spanish translator
How to Work With a Spanish Translator

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages around the world, fourth after Mandarin, English, and Hindi. It’s no surprise, then, that people need to work with a Spanish...

05 03 2020 / Posted by ustranslation
conference translation
Conference Translation: Understanding the Art of Interpretation at Events

Conference translation, as many people know it, is not like other acts of translation. It isn’t even strictly translation - it’s interpretation. In this blog post, we’re going to break...

05 03 2020 / Posted by ustranslation