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Ed Macha - CEO of Reliable Controls which assists mining and resource extraction with environmental compliance

Client feature: Reliable Controls

U.S. Translation Company is proud to highlight a client that is doing important work. Based in Salt Lake City, Reliable Controls Corporation optimizes resource extraction processes. Mining, as we all know, has a terrible impact on the environment. At the same time, civilization depends on metals and minerals from underground. Reliable Controls enters the equation where industrial and ecological concerns intersect: since mining must go on, at least it can do so with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Mining is messy

Mining has come a long way. Remote controlled equipment, satellite communications, and robotics have replaced the pick and shovel. Given these technological advancements, however, retrieving subsurface resources is inherently disruptive and ecologically costly. Some types of mining tear gaping holes in the earth. Most mines use vast quantities of water. Many minerals necessitate toxic chemicals as part of the extraction process. All of these activities consume huge amounts of energy.

What Reliable Controls does Mining and minerals take a toll on the environment. Reliable Controls Corporation alleviates the impact.

The company assists its clients in three broad areas: automation, commissioning, and optimization.


Reliable Controls helps mines, plants and other facilities implement the best technological solutions. These could be specified for safety reasons — remote monitoring in hazardous environments; robotic or remote controlled equipment or tools in situations too dangerous for humans — or for efficiency. Either way, Reliable Controls specifies an implementation plan that reduces the hazard, liability, or cost of its clients.


The commissioning process, in essence, involves Reliable Controls Corporation checking and validating a new mining or plant operation. Before a new facility becomes operational, each system must be tested by a third party. Each constituent mining process, each plant control, is required to meet specific performance criterion. Reliable Controls ensures that they do so.


The third leg of the Reliable Controls triad, optimization, consists of the retrofitting of existing facilities. For example, perhaps a given mining operation can reduce its power usage, or its water consumption, by 10%. Such a savings, in addition to enhancing profitability, would result in a sizeable reduction of the mine’s ecological footprint.

Monica Barnes works for Reliable Controls of Salt Lake City to help mining companies reduce their impact Finding a balance

Reliable Controls Corporation’s guiding philosophy balances the dialectic between conservation and industry. Or attempts to do so. At its core, the company recognizes mining and extraction as necessary to our modern world. It also recognizes the need to mitigate the harmful effects of mining activities. In the crux of these two competing imperatives, Reliable Controls uses sophisticated solutions to help its industrial clients carry on in the cleanest, greenest manner possible.

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