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Industry Translation

An industry translation focus. As part of U.S. Translation Company’s long-term strategic plan, we have chosen to specialize in localization services for a few core vertical industries. The industry translation sectors with which we have the most experience and expertise. In examining our client base, we discovered that we already specialized in these industries. Over our twenty-one years in business, they have made up the bulk of our industry translation work. We believe that explicitly targeting our services to these core sectors will serve us well going forward.

Life Sciences  industry translation

US Translation company has a long history of collaboration with medical, healthcare, biotechnology and biomedical organizations. We’re extremely familiar with the challenges specific to such projects as pharmaceutical localization, global sales of medical devices, or international medical staffing. Life sciences have their own vocabularies, customs and pain points, and we feel very qualified to partner with pharma, medical device, healthcare and biotech companies to break the barriers they face with globalization and localization. For U.S. Translation Company, life sciences industry translation makes up a significant portion of our work.

Manufacturing and Engineering industry translation

As with the life sciences, U.S. Translation Company works extensively with manufacturers, especially those involved in technically demanding fields such as aerospace, chemicals, mining, transportation, industrial, logistics, and energy sectors. With deep knowledge of the operational and engineering challenges such manufacturers face in their localization and globalization efforts, we specialize in industry translation for these manufacturing subsectors.

Government Contracts

The realm of government contracting is a world of its own. The red tape can bewilder almost anyone. And that’s before you introduce the multilingual factor. Not to worry: U.S. Translation Company has navigated such mazes for years. We’ve partnered with numerous government suppliers, federal and state agencies, and other governmental bodies to simplify the entire supply and contract process. We know our governmental localization processes. Industry translation services for governmental organizations and their contractors — it’s what we do.


In addition to our specific sectors of industry translation, U.S. Translation Company has a division which focuses on complete interpretation solutions for large events. U.S. Translation Company has this down to a science. Whether it’s an academic symposium, a direct marketing conference, or an industry convention, we provide the interpreters, the equipment, and the on-site management of the entire process.

Ultimately, we feel that narrowing our focus will allow us to serve our core industries even better!

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