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Easy translation for our clients. Hard work for us.

Easy translation? Is that even possible? Most business owners don’t realize how easy translation can be for them. I hear many CEOs and executives express reluctance about translating their materials. Many are daunted by the thought, assuming it is extremely difficult to do. It’s probably not as difficult as they imagine. In fact, translation can be remarkably simple and affordable. Not only that, but its return on investment tends to be high, for the following reasons.

Translation unlocks a wealth of opportunity

Consider the following localization facts and statistics.

  • Purchasing behaviors are tied to language. 72% of consumers spend their time on websites in their native tongue, and would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language. 56% said that “the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price” (Harvard Business Review, 2012). They will literally pay more for something if they can do so in their first language.
  • Even in the US, a huge portion of the market speaks a first language other than English. Sixty million people, to be precise. That’s a lot of purchasing power (US Census Bureau, 2013).
  • The huge US Latino / Hispanic population becoming wealthier, faster. Their purchasing power “has been growing 70% faster than Americans’ as a whole since the late 1980s” (Wall Street Journal, 2016).
  • The US population (319 million) is only 4.3 of the global (7.4 billion). US GDP (16.77 trillion) is only 23% of global GDP (73.43 trillion). In short, there are vast numbers of customers and vast quantities of their money outside the US, awaiting your product or service.
  • Global purchasing power is rising at a much faster rate than domestic purchasing power, due to the rapid rise of the middle class in so-called developing nations. While the US has a GDP growth rate of 2.6% annually, Papua New Guinea has a whopping 16%. Ethiopia’s growth rate is 8.7%; India’s is 7.8%; Turkmenistan and Myanmar have both enjoyed 8.5%; Cambodia, Mozambique, and the Philippines boast 7%. Etc. In other words, if you’re missing out now by being an English-only operation, you’ll be missing out on a lot more in two years, ten years, and so on. Which is a shame, considering how easy translation of your website and other materials can be with today’s solutions.

Easy translation solutions for international commerce

Even among those companies who realize the benefits of going multilingual and multinational, many are nervous because of the language component. I think that people intuitively shrink away from that because it feels like a major obstacle. The truth is, however, that communication across languages is smoother than ever before. Professional, capable language solutions firms such as U.S. Translation Company have state of the art tools that empower us to deliver affordable, accurate and easy translations.

You can think of translation like any other specialized corporate service. Just as you need a law firm for your legal needs, you need a translation & interpretation firm for your language needs. In both cases, the job of the corporate attorney, as well as the corporate translation provider, is to deliver results. The lawyer labors away, using specialized resources of the trade, to give you an easy legal experience. U.S. Translation Company does the same to give you an easy translation experience.

Hire the right specialist to get the right results

Companies don’t back away from business deals because they don’t understand the law. They hire professional legal help. Similarly, they shouldn’t back away from the riches awaiting them internationally (or in their own country among minority populations) just because they don’t know the language. And, they shouldn’t avoid the issue due to lack of understanding. One quick consultation (which U.S. Translation Company provides free of charge) can show them just how easy translation can actually be. Translation providers, if they’re any good at all, will partner with you to get your translation done within your budget. With the right LSP, you will see just how easy translation can actually be.

Easy translation for websites

At a bare minimum, a translated website makes your online presence accessible to a foreign language customer base. Even for bilingual immigrants into the United States (and second-generation bilingual children of immigrants), reading your website in their ancestral tongue signals that you genuinely care about their demographic and cater to them as customers. This alone could set you apart from your competition and win their loyalty. With our sophisticated website translation and proxy hosting software solutions, we provide easy website translation for our corporate customers.

Accurate, Easy Translation Can Be Affordable as Well

Another mental block I see is that of translation and interpretation costs. Entrepreneurs and business executives assume that these services will be prohibitively expensive. That is simply not true. U.S. Translation Company uses intelligent software programs that makes translation ever more affordable. As Austin Becker describes in his post, “Not Your Grandfather’s Translation,” our processes increase efficiency and affordability. Our translation memory solutions keep a databank of all of your past translations with us, so that the more you translate with us, the more efficient the process becomes. That’s because our software “remembers” your past translations and autofills some of the words based on pattern recognition. This means we charge less for word repetitions. Even better, the more translations we perform for you, the more repetitions you accrue. Over time this results in significant translation savings for you.

I’ll say one thing more on translation cost. Just as a company wouldn’t back away from a lucrative business deal just because lawyers are expensive, so shouldn’t it turn away from the riches of an expanded customer base simply because of the cost of translation. In both cases, the cost of a professional service opens the door to a potentially high ROI, an opportunity that did not previously exist for the company. You wouldn’t avoid going to a business meeting because of the cost of gasoline for your car. Don’t turn away from business opportunities because of the cost of a vital professional service.

What’s worse than not translating? Translating poorly

Sometimes, I see companies trying to translate their content, but save money by having a non-qualified bilingual person do their translation for them. Perhaps someone in the office speaks a second language. Or, maybe they have a relative. Or, they hire a cheap freelancer, with no quality assurance measures in place. All of these choices can result in disastrous translation errors that erode the credibility of your brand. It would be the equivalent of having your cousin file your taxes for you, just because they took a semester of accounting in college. Professional translation requires much more than knowing two languages, just as professional accounting requires much more than knowing how to add and subtract numbers.

We work hard to offer easy translation for our corporate clients

Easy translation, of the sort that U.S. Translation Company offers, is easy for the client precisely because we work so hard. Especially for technically demanding, domain-specific translations — such as medical, engineering and the like — an accurate technical translation depends on the following:

  • A translation firm with experience serving your industry sector
  • Project managers who understand the particular demands of your industry
  • A translator with fluency in the source and target languages (bilingual), obviously
  • A translator who has expert knowledge of the subject matter, preferably through prior professional experience with the field in question
  • A proofreader proficient in the source and target languages and possessing subject matter expertise
  • Desktop publishing and quality assurance protocols

If you’re going to go through the trouble of having your communications and texts translated, make sure to get them right the first time. That’s what we mean by easy translation. You get the results you were looking for — and possibly even more.

Language solutions provider: a step above language services provider

You have many choices when it comes to selecting a language services provider. However, we believe that you deserve something better. U.S. Translation Company has established a reputation as a solutions provider for our customers. Our solutions-focused approach centers around identifying the client’s need and finding ways of meeting it. If a customer is primarily concerned about turn-around time, we have fast-track options available to meet their schedule. If cost is their main concern, we can use our post-edited machine translation to control cost and stay within their budget. And, if quality is the priority, well, quality is our trademark—something we never compromise.

Usually, a translation client prioritizes some combination of speed, quality, and cost. We customize a prioritization profile accordingly. What’s more, we deliver something that every client cares about most of all. Indeed, we believe that this fourth attribute summarizes all three of the others: ease. Our clients want the process to just happen. With no headache or hassle. No callbacks or glitches. They want an easy translation.

U.S. Translation Company is your easy translation partner

The goal of U.S. Translation Company is that of helping your business thrive. It’s why we have a 98% customer retention rate. And, it’s why we come to work every day. When we do our job right, our care and diligence result in a painless, easy translation experience for our enterprise clients.


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