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Accessibility Service – Helping You Reach Everyone

Equal access to all.

At USTC we help make your website, videos, and other resources accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability level. We make sure that all of these materials follow the most recent accessibility guidelines, including WCAG, Section 508, and the ADA.


Grow Your Audience by Making Your Content Universally Accessible

At USTC, we are committed to delivering accessibility services that allow everyone to engage with your content, despite individual limitations. We guarantee satisfactory results and strive for inclusion in all we do.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced accessibility specialists can help make your website an inclusive, welcoming space for all visitors. With the right guidance, you can ensure everyone has a positive experience with your content.

With our extensive experience, we make sure to provide the best service within your budget.


Accessibility Benefits

Higher Quality Product Mobile And Website Design And Programing Developme 2021 09 03 01 35 59 Utc

Prioritizing accessibility leads to a better user interface, improved user experience, and higher quality products overall.

Greater Market Coverage Coding Programmer Or Software Engineer Brainstormi 2022 08 23 23 01 56 Utc

The global market of people with disabilities exceeds one billion. By having an accessible website, you can reach a larger audience and tap into their $175 billion in discretionary spending.

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Many countries, including the US, have regulations like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Section 508, and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Complying with these laws avoids costly litigation, with the average cost being $200,000.

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Accessibility features, such as properly structured content and descriptive alt text for images, can improve your website’s SEO, making it more discoverable and attracting more visitors.

Our Accessibility Solutions

Our services include the following:


PDF Remediation

The process of making PDF documents accessible to people with impairments, especially those who use assistive devices to access digital material, is known as PDF remediation. USTC PDF remediation specialists perform an in-depth analysis of your documents and remove any accessibility issues. Going above and beyond basic compliance standards with Section 508 & WCAG AA regulations, our experts carefully review each page to ensure a comprehensive remediating process for all inaccessible files.

XMLID 1206

Accessible XML & ePub Conversion

Due to the creation of an accessible XML format, people with hearing loss may now access a variety of items among them Braille and audiobooks. The ePub format makes it simple for them to access digital content. This user-friendly format can be easily used with devices like ePub readers and provides an inclusive reading experience for all. USTC offers a unique ability to make XML documents for any format of content, from traditional books and magazines to completely new texts. Our expertise ensures that all of our work is accurate and optimized for accessibility by those with different needs.

Website Support

Website Accessibility

We can do an accessibility compliance assessment on your website, point out problem areas, and offer suggestions and fixes to make it more accessible.


Video & Audio

To ensure that everyone can view your videos, regardless of whether they are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or visually impaired, we provide captions/subtitles and audio descriptions for all of your videos. We create engaging content that everyone can have access to.


What are accessibility services?

Accessibility services go beyond the traditional customer experience, creating an environment that eliminates barriers for individuals with disabilities. These customer-focused solutions ensure that everyone can take full advantage of all the goods and services available.

What accessibility services do you offer?

Our services include PDF remediation, accessible XML & ePub conversion, website accessibility, and video captions & audio descriptions.

Who benefits from accessibility services?

Accessibility services open up a world of possibilities for people with disabilities. They can move around independently, accessing the everyday activities they need while also enjoying increased social interaction. This experience boosts their self-esteem and helps them become more involved in society as a whole.

What are web accessibility services?

Accessibility via the web ensures that everyone, regardless of disability or ability, can partake in and explore all the opportunities brought about by our connected world. Through web accessibility, we open access to a greater range of people and perceptions alike and enable an even more thoughtful understanding of what technology has to offer.

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