Case Studies
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Continuous improvement and evaluation help ensure our process is sound and our translation services are the highest caliber available.

U.S. Translation Company is dedicated to solving issues and making deadlines. We’ve found ways to ensure projects are delivered in specific formats like AutoCad and this case study demonstrates our commitment to that promise of the highest quality product with a timely delivery. More  

As one of USTC’s oldest clients, Ultradent is constantly translating instructions and product inserts in 19 different languages. This case study highlights USTC’s ability to help solve organizational, budgeting, and logistical issues as Ultradent transferred their language translation projects to us.


Fast thinking was needed to get this project completed on time when a linguist went into labor and USTC was sent incorrectly formatted files. In the end USTC was able to assign remaining work to a back-up translator and work together as a team with 4-5 people working on the files simultaneously to ensure that everything was properly QA’d correctly and delivered on time.