Certified Translation
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Being a certified translation company isn’t easy (but it sure has its advantages.)

What ISO and EN certification means for our clients

Using certified and registered organization gives you the comfort that your project conforms to the strict international quality standards set forth by ISO and EN governing bodies. Achieving and maintaining these certifications means that we produce professional-grade translations recognized by government bodies and organizations worldwide.

U.S. Translation company also provides federal and state certified and notarized translations for individuals including:

  • Certificates: Birth, marriage, death, divorce, adoption, etc.
  • CE Marking Requirements: Warnings, cautions, instructions, troubleshooting guides, etc.
  • Transcripts: Medical, educational, legal, etc.
  • Passports and Visas
  • Diplomas
Each translation is accompanied by a letter of certification signed by a company official and includes a stamp of notarization.   U.S. Translation Company: Superior quality Interpretation and Translation Services in over 100 Languages!  

With 3,000 translation services companies around the world, why choose U.S. Translation Company? These might help sway your decision: